Thursday, March 31, 2011

MAHA SHIVARATRI 2011 - SPHATIKA (CRYSTAL) LINGAM in Veerampalem & Chagallu Godavari District , Andhrapradesh

Thank for my Guru to took me to SPHATIKA (CRYSTAL) LINGAM Veerampalem Shivalayam on 2011 Sivarathi day,

On 1st march 2011 I am in chennai Call came from our Sugar factory chagallu (rajahmundry) andhra pradesh come immediate you want create new report .i came here 2 march 2011 (sivarathi day) ,my friend Basker told about Veerampalem Siva temple , at 4.30 pm I and our EDP Manager Mr.Rao went to Finance GM ,explain about my work , I request Jeep go to Shiva temple at veerampalem village. It 1 ½ hrs journey to Veerampalem, Lot of crowed there, when we stand in queue it will take us about 3hrs, but my Guru help via Sugarcane grower he is supplying to our factory. He helps us to go through Special Gate.

Most of people unaware this temple, Five years old Shivalayam at very small Veerampalem Village, one of biggest Siva temple near Tadepalligudem (18 km) in West Godavari District ,Andhra pradesh. it is maintained by “Balatripura Sundari Trust” .

In this temple Siva is dancing at Kailash mountain stature at top Ganga Devi, Thousands of small lingam around that temple building , in side temple that have SPHATIKA (CRYSTAL) LINGAM, it height will be about 15 inch (1 feet) keep in side glass box in tight security , it will open 2 times Mahashivratri & Karthika Pournami in a year , Very nice to see it through my eyes and the main temple having big Shivalingam which coved by thousands of rudraksha mala ,it will open all days and also having big homa kundam, Big stature Sathya Sai Baba, Siva & Parvathi , under an Umbrella 8 face vinayagar and Gautama_Maharishi in pond.

Thank vssnrao10 Upload in youtube is running for 10 minutes :

Part2 :

And also I went to Oldest Siva temple at chagallu , they believed this temple build 500 years old, around Godavari District ,andhra pradesh. only temple having Very Big Nandi and small Siva lingam is about 15 inch ,inside this siva temple there is perumal & also having Saraswati in marble stone ,this is recently build by one of my friend Mr.Raja family members he is also working in EDP our Sugar factory . Only Saraswati temple around Godavari District ,Andhra Pradesh.