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Free Tamil Devotional Speech 45 Hours "MP3" CD

45 மணிநேர தமிழ் சொற்பொழிவு இலவச mp3 CD

We are planning to provide Free Tamil Devotional Speech 45 Hours run "MP3" CD.You can get from us,  Kindly come or send any friend to get Free Tamil Devotional Speech CD from us.

Chennai  : Padmavathi Road, Near Peters road Saravana bhavan ,
Mount road Thousand Lights Mosque, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
H/p: +91 9841267823 , 9042327151 ,

Madurai :   Chamundi , 20/3 West Tower Street , Madurai -1 Phone:9442408009

Download CD: You can also download Tamil devotional speech CD (45 Hrs - 700mb)
604 mb Zip file :


Please see The contents from Tamil Devotional Speech CD
  • Short Definition Munivar Rishi Yogi Siddhar Guru - Shiva Shangar
  • Kagapujandar - Siva Panjatcharam (Charting)
  • Siddhar Jeeva Samadhi in Madurai MeenakshiTemple - ChoChoME Sundaram
  • Story Sadhananda Swamigal - Pandit Balan ( 1Hrs)
  • Story Madurai  Thalai Viritha Swamigal Jeeva Alayam
  • Story Madurai Arittapatti Siddhar cave temple
  • Story Madurai Sundaranar Siddhar siva temple
  • Turiya Nada - Dance of the siddhars (Song)
  • Manthra  Prayogham  - Mystic Selvam ( 1Hrs)
  • Power of Om sivasiva om Manthra - Pandit Balan ( 1Hrs)
  • Vedam Vingnanam  - Sukhi Sivam ( 2Hrs)
  • Uyir[Atma-Body-Mind] -Dr Dheenan Dayalan ( 1Hrs)
  • Arthamulla Hindu Madham -Kannadasaan ( 1Hrs)
  • Anjana ,Rudratcha, Vibhoothi  Prayogham  -Mystic Selvam ( 3Hrs)
  • Thirumanthiramvilakkam ,Thiruvilaydal Puranam  -Pulavar Keeran ( 4Hrs)
  • Krishna darshan, Mayakannadi, Uthangar - Pandit Balan ( 2Hrs)
  • Annamalaiyaar Arputhangal , Girivala magimai -Suki Sivam ( 2Hrs)
  • Key to Deathless Art- Kagapujandar (15min)
  • Recoil Tirunavukkarasar - ChoChoME Sundaram (2Hrs)
  • Naan Yaar ( தமிழ் சொற்பொழிவு )  (15min)
  • About Aadhi Sankarar -RBVS Manian (2½ Hrs)
  • RamanaAksharamanamalai , Kurai Onrum Illai - Nochur Venkatraman (7hrs)
  • History of Aazhwars by Uma Sampath (3hrs)
  • Life history of Vallalar –Sv.Ramanan(3hrs)
  • Prayer - Swami Guruparananda  (2hrs)
  • Vallalar Meditation Tips -Krishnamurti (1hrs)
  • Agasthiar Guidelines -KrishnaKumar (1hrs)
  • StayIdle [சும்மாஇரு] - Dr Dheenan Dayalan (5hrs)
  • Sitthar Potri thogupu (30 min)
  • Healer Baskar - Knowledge of Body (30 min)
  • Sivapuranam -D.V. Ramani  (Song)
  • om siva siva om 108 time (Charting)
  • Mantram: chant of india (Charting)
Note: This all taken from Internet


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  13. Please upload below Shri Variyar's Speach
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