Friday, October 7, 2011

Inner Girivalam உள்ளடங்கி கிரிவலம்

திருவண்ணாமலை உள்ளடங்கி கிரிவலம்
Thiruvannamalai Inner Girivalam 

Thiruvannamalai Inner Girivalam path is quite closer to the hill. The sacred hill of Siva has got lots of mysteries around and great souls still stay in caves and hillside which acts as power point. 

Thank to my Guru; Take us with there permission for Inner Girivalam on 1st October 2011. We also thank to my friend Mr. D.K. Deiva, connection us to join in "Thiruvannamalai Inner Girivalam" through 18Siddhar-and-techniques & Agnilingam Groups .

We start our Girivalam about 9.15 AM at Ramana maharshi ashram by Mr. Light swami. He well knows person in Thiruvannamalai girivalam committee. In his earlier time he will carry Light on girivalam way and now also he doing religious services in Thiruvannamalai.

Bhairavar [Dog] welcome us to end our Inner Girivalam at 2.30 PM near Annamalai Panjamuga viewpoint.

On Inner Girivalam we got lot of informational about Annamalai and also we see Nandi Face, Kattu Siva , Kannappar nayanar temple, Lotus pond and also different face of Annamalai Hill. We want to thank Vellore Mr. Kesavan explained about all above places.

It was a fulfilling Experience, we all had during our Thiruvannamalai Inner Girivalam . Such a trip can be organized only with coordination among the participants. We thank every one of our groups for the participation. But the bonding with we jelled during our trip was something which can only come with those whose goals are pointed towards one direction. We sure Arunachala will lead us to our goal of self-realization.

It is not possible to write in one blog, later I will explain each place in coming blogs...
                                                                                                                  Unbelievable Thiruvannamalai inner girivalam

Thiruvannamalai Inner Girivalam Stating by Mr.Light Swamy

View Annamalai hills

Nice view Annamalai hills other site..

Devotional speech...

Vellore Mr Kesavan explained about Ruthratcham...

Nandi Face in Annamalai hills ..

Nice view Annamalai hills ..

Mystic selvam ayya also travels with me...About: Mystic Selvam

Miracle image

Thiruvannamalai Inner Girivalam view Annamalai hills

Lotus pond..

Other view Nandi face in Annamalai hills

Other view Nandi face in Annamalai hills

Woman Show this fruit..

view elephantAnnamalai hills

Rest below vanni tree

Woman Show this fruit.. it help us on that way..because we don't have water

This is Fruit..

Top of Annamalai hills

Nice Way.. with Annamalai hills

Near  to ending point..

Bhairavar welcome us..

Nice View Annamalai Panjamuga

Annamalai hills view from ramana maharshi ashram

Group Photo ...

End speech by Light Swamy...

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