Friday, June 17, 2011

Agnilingam Satsangam on 12.06.11 , at Sadhanandhar Swamigal Ashram

Om –Dath – Sath Guruparabrammane Nam:

Agnilingam Satsangam on 12.06.2011

                            Twenty people Participated in our Satsangam on Sunday June 12, 2011 ,at Srimat Sadhananda Swamigal Jeevasamadhi at Sadhanandapuram near Perungulathur, Chennai .

                           We would like to thank the committee of Sadhananhar ashram for having provided us the permission to have our meeting.We also like to thank Shri Anandhan & his team members who provided us sumptuous breakfast ,Sukku Coffee and excellent lunch.

As planned We performed Abhishekam to Srimat Sadhananda Swamigal Jeevasamadhiat 7.30 am.It was a soul stirring experience.

                           Fot the first half we had only around ten participants.By Lunch we had around Twenty friends who joined us in the satsangam.We had around eight from agnilingam group.the rest of us joined through our individual contacts.

Vaasi Yogam

                           We started our satsangam at 10 A.M. We were fortunate to have our midst Shri Anandhan , his brother Shri Manohar and his team of Vaasi Yogam practitioners After a brief Introduction of all of the Participants we had Shri Anandhan and Shri aManohar who give us a brief insight into the practice of vaasi yogam.Many of our friend were very inquisitive towards learning more details.Maybe because of the constraints of guru's order the explanations were not very forthcoming.

Uyir [Body ,Mind, Atma]

                            We then had Dr Dheena Dayalan ( known as Uyir in our Agnilingam Group). He is working in Govt. Hospital in Thirukkazhukkundram. who explained in simple language the various aspects of Uyir [Body ,Mind, Atma]. He explained to us the finer aspects of Maranamilla Peru vazhvu.He took us to the various explanations of our body,Suksma Deham,Sutha Dhegam etc. He also explained the concept of Anbe Sivam.We were so much engrossed in the discussions , that we forgot about our lunch which we finally had at 2.00 P.M. ( Download speech  ) duration 1 hr:26 mt

Lunch served at the Ashram was delicious because it was prepared with a mother 's care.The food was served the same love and care .

Traditional Worship Poojas

                                 After Lunch We had Mr Krishna Kumar ( ) the need for following our traditional worship( poojas).He also distributed pamplets containing list of siddar temples [ ],We also had Shri Dhandapani explain to us the requirement of a guru in our quest towards self realisation,that he will find us when the time comes,guidelines given by the siddars for a peaceful family life and the need for all of us to do Tharpanam for our Ancestors.
( Download speech ) duration 1 hr:18 mt

This satsang enabled us to meet some of our friends. Let us meet more often so that we can share the experiences we all have had in our journey towards Self realisation

We all took leave of each other richer in spirit.

Some Books, Pamplets and Tamil Devotional Speech CD ‘s were given to the participants they were


Mr Balakrishan 
Managing Trustee - Mystic(India) mission
[founder : Late Mystic Selvam ] gave the following Books
1.Vairavar Vanakkam -
2.Vallalar Perumanar
3.Sidhar Perumakkal Vazhum Nallidangal

Shri Krishnakumar 
Pamplets about our traditional worship poojas. (Agasthiar_tips.pdf [ ] )

Tamil Devotional Speech 30 Hours CD
( Download )