Thursday, April 5, 2012

Parvathamalai Kumbabishekam work

பருவதமலை ஆலய புனரமைப்பு மற்றும் கும்பாபிஷேக திருப்பணிகள்

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  1. Mr. Pandian and his Parvathamalai adiyaargal sangam have embarked on the renovation of temple with good attitude and intentions, BUT, lot of people who will wish to "trek" in the future might miss out on the "trekking" aspect of it -because they are planning to lay proper "steps" all the way till the top (in fact work has commenced atop the hill!)....The Aaakaaya paathai, kadappaarai paathai, etc. may just be "legends" before long; Don't know why people can't let the originality of the place remain untouched. In the name of "safety" and "improvement" destruction of things in their original form is taking place, and I am afraid it is going to happen at Parvathamalai too; as a regular trekker who savours the hard trekking path of the hill and the unique experience it offers, I feel very bad on hearing that decision (It seems that HR & CE is insisting on laying a secure stairs path if they have to give clearance for the kumbaabhishekam that they are planning). It really pains me how uneducated people can be regarding matters like contrast to the general principle of "not touching things in a reserved forest - Parvathamalai is a Reserve Forest Region" - they are "insisting" on man-made structures and going to change the very face and feel of that hill. I am planning to take up the issue and see if it is possible to stop that change - but rest is Divine Providence - If readers of this blog and the original poster can also take up this matter and try to save one of the most beautiful places available for trekking, I will be most happy. It is a "siddha" place and we can't fool around in places like that; if we construct a "stairs" there, the trekking aspect of it will go, and another thing that any long-time trekker will tell you is that the rocks that are embedded in the soft mountain soil can absorb shocks easily and will not trouble our knees; regular stairs running for the height of Parvathamalai can really be hard on the knees (because concrete does not absorb shock as much as natural materials). Besides another risk is that on a hot day, the radiation coming from a steel-reinforced concrete floor can be extremely high in contrast to a natural rock formation which may retain moisture beneath its rounded smooth surfaces...Laying a stairs/ steps throughout the height of Parvathamalai will take away its originality.. Mahans like His Holiness Chandrasekara Saraswathy Swamigal refused to step on the Hill - each boulder in that Hill has some sanctity....crushing them in the name of "development" and "HR & CE regulations" is sacrilege in my opinion....I wish someone will bring this to the notice of Shri Paandian who is a nice man and is possibly helpless in face of the HR & CE regulations; but if we all give voice in this matter, he and his team may be able to organize the kumbabishekam and yet do it in a way that the originality of the hill need not be sacrificed in any way. Rest is Parvathagiri Parashakti's Providence - what the Divine Couple - Parvathagiri Mallikarjuna and Parvathamma Brahmaraambikai dispose only will happen....Om Namah shivaya.

    Blessings to everyone


    (addressed as Panditji, or Swamy - the respectful terms for a vedic person from traditional backgrounds).