Thursday, June 7, 2012

Unbelievable Thiruvannamalai Inner Girivalam

Lot of people sending mail to share Thiruvannamalai Inner Girivalam experiences  , this will help  who want to visit these special places of Arunachala.

Thank to my Guru Srimat Sadhananda Swamigal ,Who take me to Inner Girivalam on 1st October 2011 with Arunachala permission . Thiruvannamalai Inner Girivalam path is quite closer to the hill. The sacred hill of Siva has got lots of mysteries around and great souls still stay in caves and hillside which acts as power point.

I impress see Inner path article by Richard Clarke before 3 year, after that 1 year later I see ZeeTv show about “Flying siddhar in Thiruvannamalai hill”, at that time I think “If HE call me , one day I will Go there.”.

 Inner Path – red path and yellow path, Maps developed By Mr.Richardclarke

Our Inner Girivalam  kick start by Mr.Light swami. He well knows person in Thiruvannamalai girivalam committee. In his earlier time there is no light current girivalam road,  he will carry Light in girivalam way and now also he doing religious services in Thiruvannamalai. We start our Girivalam about 9.15 AM at Ramanamaharshi ashram behind wicket way. InnerGirivalam way & Skandasram way split at that point itself. Mr. Kesavan explained about all above way and places there, he ask as to follow the footpathmark in stone till end and if we have also get blessing see any  siddhar on the way.

First we pass through Thiruvannamalaiforest ranger office that way is like DeanForester and then we crossed Salem ,Coimbatore bus-stand on Road Girivalam, there also way to join Inner Girivalam. We traveling in bushes & rock way .we saw ‘Nandi Face’ rock @top Annamalai hills.

When I saw pond , I am surprised, that is place show in ZeeTv show. going near to that place on wall “Om SivaSiva Om” word on wall shocked ,i think one of my guru Mysticselvam ayya also travels with me. i saw the meditation place of Kattu SivaSiddar cave was a very serene place.   The fishes had an excellent fill of food fromour feet.
 Initially Mr Kesavan told "If there is Call then go inside otherwise not because don’t disturbing the great soul inside"  , but for me call came 1 years before, I took dip in pond, then I went rounded that place there is room on TopKattu Siva Meditation Cave.( Note:  On 4/6/2012, I meet one of friend in Chennai , he told more information about cave , He say "800 years before Kattu Siva siddhar  live and meditate place, Now also He is living there) 

Kattu Siva cave about 15ft below, the entrance too narrowed, i want 5 to 8 stepdown from land ,there is Two room, fist room size will 4*5 ft ,side is other room 3*3ft  just one person can there ,there 2 pic one lord arunachala  and Siddhar’s  with one lamp ,after came out , I sit near by tree for few minutes. When we start that place within few meters, we saw inside bushes miraclesadu, We were truly blessed from him by showing hand.
On the way i cross Lotus pond , Mr Kesavan showed ‘Nandi Face’ rock @top Annamalai hills in different side. Near that point a stone mark showing way to Kannappa Nayanar Temple, this is beside Nithyananda Ashram. Old Rocktemple have about 20steps, KannappaNayanar Temple having Old Tamil writing rock.
we were guided tothe fruits by one woman who was grazing her sheep, It was very sweet at that time. we view Annamalaihills like elephant. The Vanni Maram [Prosopis cineraria Tree] i saw on the way was a sight .As guided Mr Kesavan I could hear a faint trickle of water when I embraced the tree.

I see nice view of AdiAnnamalai Temple from Inner Girivalam way . On the way we were able to see some caves in the hill, i could not go there as sinceit was approaching noon. befoul a Woman Show one type fruit with us . Now that fruit help us quenchedour thirst on that way. Because we don't have water, there also we follow withpath-mark, now once again I feel going through forest. I came out from  Inner Girivalam way however  Bhairavar[Dog] welcome us to end my Inner Girivalam at 2.30 PM nearAnnamalai Panjamuga viewpoint.but original ending will be near to pachaiamman temple near side of bus stand.

Words cannot be enough to thank Mr.Deiva [ ] for Organising this trip. Mr Kesavan,  experiencein going on such pilgrimages came in very handy. He educated us all during our walk with his explanations during the trek.I thank every one of our groupsfor the participation like Dr.Ananthakrishnan, Mr.Subramaniyam, Mr.Narayanan, Mr Anantha Krishnan and others too.

It was a fulfilling Experience, we all had during our Thiruvannamalai Inner Girivalam . Such a trip can be organized only with coordination among the participants.  But the bonding with we jelled during our trip was something which can only come with those whose goals are pointed towards one direction. We sure Arunachala will lead us to our goal of self-realization...

Lot of information about Arunachala Inner Path,


  1. Great place. Sidhdhar bhoomi, My father had worked as Station Master in Thiruvannamalai during 1965-70. I had gone with him Girivalam. It has gained popularity now only, All the best.
    Om Siva Siva Om.

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  3. thanks for rare and spiritual points of inner girivallam. u are fortunate having such experences.In next journey for thirUM i will take advantage of yr post again thanks and Arunachal may bless u