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This is the era of the Siddhas, we are told. We suddenly see an emergence of interest in the Siddhas and their works too.

Sri Velayudham Karthikeyan has a blog Siththan Arul at that carries numerous posts revolving around the mystical Jeeva Nadi of Agathiyar and the Siddhas. These stories are mind blowing and an interesting read. Saravanan Palanisamy of Malaysia has sketched and painted numerous illustrations to accompany these amazing stories.

Meanwhile, the administrator of  has painstakingly taken the effort to translate various texts of the Siddhas into English for the benefit of non-Tamils at,  and

Agathiyar has been providing readings to guide and advise mankind through the Nadi, in the possession of selected individuals too.

I have been posting portions of my Nadi readings initially held close to my heart and rather private, on this blog, I thought it was time I shared them, although I had to do some extensive editing before I could post it. Each time I went for a reading, I sat with awe and anticipation thinking what Agathiyar and the rests of the Siddhas would have to say. Even after having read the Nadi 50 times, the feeling was still the same. I was just as excited as I was the very first time. 

If one follows the many Nadi readings and the revelations and guidance from the Siddhas, he will not fail to see a pattern develop here. Maybe it is specific for this particular individual or it could also relate to others, that, readers have to vouch after going through these Nadi revelations. 

The Siddhas break the ice by revealing information very close and intimate to us, that even the Nadi reader cannot possibly know. Once they have caught our attention, they begin to tell us why we are here. We being here in the very present is because of our actions in the past, they tell us. This could be the actions of the immediate past or those done way back in time. Or it could be an accumulation of several actions through the many births that we had once taken. 

An individual is first brought to the knowledge of the existence of these documents called the Kaanda Nadi most commonly found in India in the possession of several individuals from certain families. Many have been handed these treasures, passed on by their forefathers while others have been blessed to have received them in mysterious ways.

Initially we are told that the Nadi is a document written some many years ago for every individual on the face of the earth, including those yet to be born. It is more than a premonition or prediction of the individuals future. It is a revelation of one’s past lives too, implying that there is access to these past records and that they are available somewhere out there, said to be the Akasham. It would then mean that every word said and every action done by the individual is recorded carefully and stored away to be referred to at another moment in time. Now why would that be done, unless there is reason to refer or need to use these records. Recording in detail one’s life must surely have some purpose. The next course of birth is said to be dependent on these records. They ascertain or determine the next birth or one’s future. These records could also be in the medium similar to celluloid or movies where a particular frame is called up and previewed to ascertain what took place in the past. 

By revealing the existence of the Nadi and its contents, a well documented and preserved piece of work, we are shown our past, present and the future. As we tag along we realize that it is more than a document purportedly revealing about an individual, etched out on strips of dried palm leaves some time back in the past by the munis, rishis and sidhas, but a means of communication too. The palm leaf on which these revelations are written, only act as a medium for the Siddhas to pass on their messages. These then are the Aasi Kaandam or Jeeva Nadi. Undoubtedly, the Siddhas could come in more than one ways to a devotee to relay their message, but here, they chose to communicate through this medium. 

The Nadi is still a mystery to me. This mystery will only be revealed in all its entirety if and when I am blessed to come in possession with one when gifted by the Siddhas. They would also need to teach us how to decipher their messages.

Its heartening to know that the Nadi is put to good use by all parties. Many people have come to know of their existence and have made their way seeking out these Nadi often frequenting those places where a reading is offered. 

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