Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Japali Anjaneya in Tirumala Tirupati

Today I see Japali image in net .

Six years ago in tamil TV show Mr.Lakshminarayanan gemologist said about “We are going to Tirumala see only Sri Venkateswara Swamy, but on Tirumala itself Rama, Sita  & Lakashmana stayed in Japali Maharshi asram. There is old Anjaneya swamy temple “. after that myself & my friend went there. We cannot imagine this place very beautiful.  

Tirumala is encircled by a number of sacred water bodies (theerthams) .Japali theertham is most widely know holy theertham which is being visited by most pilgrims.

Every day thousand of people Going to Tirumala trupathi  ,but Most of people don’t know this place , the aged old Anjaneya swamy temple at Japali. It  is not very popular, but it is one of oldest place in Tirumala where Rama & Sita stay place , we want to reach place only by walk. click:Google Map link Tirumala To Japali

Etomology: It is said that Rama with his consort Sita and brother Lakashmana stayed here along with Hanuman stayed in Japali Maharshi asram . There are two Pond one is ‘Rama Teertham & Sita Teertham’. Rama said  Japali Maharshi "Any person having ills and evils would be washed out when they take bath in Japali Teertham". 

Pligrims visiting Japali never fail to take bath in Japali Teertham,The temple premises that was said to be the source of drinking water, during there stay here. 

Way : The Anjaneya swamy temple at Japali is in Tirumala. ,which is located on way to papavinasanam  7 km from Tirumala after Vanugopala swamy temple few meter , we want to get down in hairpin bend before Akasha ganga .you can also arrange Taxi or requisition stop APSRTC Bus.From that place we need to walk 1 km inside the forest, it is have way path too.

 Japali is very peace area, it is one of oldest place in Tirumala , Walk path to jampali is really a memorable experience .the temple is situated amidst lush green tall thick trees covering it like an umbralla. 

                                                                                          Pic Thank: Suneel Gudipati -Travelwithgs


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