Monday, November 7, 2011

Uyir [ Body , Mind, Atma]

Uyir [Body ,Mind, Atma]

Man is an amalgam of body, mind and  Atma.  Without the existence of all three man cannot accomplish anything. Both the body and mind are associated with the Atma, without which neither of them can function.

Dr Dheena Dayalan [ Uyir ] He is working in Government Hospital . who explained in simple language the various aspects of  Uyir [ Body ,  Mind ,  Atma ].
He explained to us the finer aspects of Maranamilla Peru vazhvu.He took us to the various explanations of our body, Suksma Deham, Sutha Dhegam etc. one can realise the real form of god and consequently live a blessed life for ever. He also explained the concept of Anbe Sivam [ Arut Perum Jyothi  ( Supreme Grace Light ) ].

We were so much engrossed in the discussions ( Download speech  ) duration 1 hr:26 mt

Dr Dheena Dayalan his site :

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