Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Satsangam - StayIdle [ சும்மா இரு ]

This Satsangam is kick start event of our Srimath Sadhananda Swamigal 90th Guru Pooja on
09-02-2012 at Sadhanandapuram (near to New Perungalathur) , Chennai  Guru Pooja Invitation Page    Click…

We organize a Satsangam at Sadhanandapuram on 22th Jan 2012 ,We stated performed Abhishekam to Sri sadhananda swamigal at 9 am  after that we had around 30 Participants joined with us in Satsangam At 10.45am and a brief Introduction of all of the Participants and Satsangam by Ayya lakshmipathi , Mr.Radhakrishnan [] & Dr. S. Ananthakrishnan after that Uyir -Dr.Dheena Dayalan start his Satsangam speech & end at2.15 pm [2hrs.28m] and after lunch we have Q&A  hours by Participants to him ended at 5.45pm [2hrs.33m]
Uyir Dr.Dheena Dayalan Speech 
StayIdle [ சும்மா இரு ] Brahmam [2hrs.28m]:
StayIdle [ சும்மா இரு ] Q&A [2hrs.33m]:
We were fortunate to have our midst Shri Anandhan to provided Breakfast & Lunch to all.
Dr Dheena Dayalan [ Uyir ] He is working as doctor in Government Hospital . who explained in simple language the various aspects of  Uyir .Man is an amalgam of body, mind and  Atma.  Without the existence of all three man cannot accomplish anything. Both the body and mind are associated with the Atma, without which neither of them can function.

Dr Dheena Dayalan his site :

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  1. thank u so much for posting the audio files. You are doing a great service to the community .

  2. இந்த சிறந்த எளிய விளக்க பகிர்வுக்கு நன்றி , எங்கும் அமைதியும் ஆனந்தமும் பரவட்டும். வாழ்க வளமுடன்