Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mystic Selvam Letter

 திரு. மிஸ்டிக் செல்வம் கடிதம்

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Most of article in "Aanmika Thiravakol"  Summarize and published in  "Anmeegam payanam"  Vol 1 & 2. 

MysticSelvam Ayya have written books Sri Swarna bhairava, Aanmika Thiravukol, Siva Parakramam about 64 siva , Om Siva Siva Om Manthira ...This books are not available in market Now. 

Ayya written 1000 of small article about Aanmiga in various weekly andmonthly Aanmika book.  Most of Shri Mystic Selvam ayya article are collate ,compiled and  about 200 articles republished by "Mysitic (India) mission" in two volumes book “Anmeega Payanam “. If you needed this book want to become a members in Mysitic (India) mission . This book is very treasure to Us. 

Aanmiga payanam volumes 1 
[77 articles / 280 pages] 

Aanmiga payanam volumes 2 

[118 articles / 278 pages]
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