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Six Chakras - Q&A


Question & Answers

1)    All Tamil siddhars wrote about chakras and their locations but in siddha vedam the chakras are explained as a spiritual states and not location in the body as accepted/explained traditionally. Do you help me to understand it?


In the existing literature of siddhars Moolathara is described as the yoni.  i.e. maladwaram. But it is not so. The moolathara is Brumathyam. i.e in forehead between eyebrows.

Six chakras is nothing but the state of mind and soul.

The state of “I” of mind

 i.e the swapna state of “Mind”
Mind is falsely understood “I”is everything

-      The birth place of  mind is Moolatharam from there it is coming down as “I”.
-      “I” is the state of swapna i.e dream. “I” is dreaming everything is “I” then it is started to accumulate the threedosa. Three dirty malas “Ahamkara, Kanma,Maya.

If the “I” is not aware of this three malas then it is loosing its valuable asset of “jeeva”
The state of “I” ahamkara subsides in mind
 i.e the sushupthi state of “Mind”

This is the process of cleaning the mind from “Ahamkara, Kanmam, and Maya from mind.

When a sathakan i.e who is practising pranayama is aware of the threedosa’s nature. The threedosa’s will kill the jeeva by let out the jeeva sakthi downward.

Then the sathagan cleaning the “ahamkara” “Kanmam” & maya from mind by understanding the dangers of the same.
Sushupthi means cleaning of evil thoughts from mind.

When we clean our dirty thoughts from our mind our “suklam” will be accumulated and becomes the penultimate stage of bocoming mani.
The state of mind is filling with Brahmam
i.e state if jagrat (Awareness)

Mani is nothing but the purest form of brahmam. The mind is filled with the knowledge of Jeeva.

 “Suklam” will become “rasamani (hard form of suklam)” here in this state
The state of jeeva become agniswaroopam.

 The “jyothi” i.e jeeva is illuminating like sun i.e the state of Jeeva rising like “Jyothi”

When the suklam becomes hard and thick it will generate heat and the heat forms like a “sun”. Sun will rise from our Brumathyam.

This is the rising state of “jegajyothi” in us.

The state of Jeeva’s destination and the “jyothi” become purest form

“jyothi” is nothing but the Jeeva. And Jeeva is nothing but the knowledge

Know+Ledge – Your  known details of the jeeva embedded in your Head.

i.e the state of Prakasam in Jeeva

The jyothi will become brighter and brighter by purifying
The state of “Jeeva” becomes “shiva”
i.e. the state of “Jeeva” becomes niskalathuvam. Purest form of Jeeva. When Jeeva attain this purity it is merged with Shiva and become shiva himself

     -      Jagrat state of Jeeva (Jeeva aware of Shiva)

-Self awareness
-The state of “I” merged in self.
-This self is the “GOD”
-This Jeeva is “Shiva”

This is the true knowledge of Soul and this is what the designer of body mind and soul.

This Generates, Organise and Destroying

2) Does siddha vidyarthi believe in reincarnation? 

Swamiji never mentioned anything about the reincarnation in his siddha vedham.
We had born in this world. It is the duty of self to merge with Soul in this birth itself.
If, the self is not able to merge with Atman in this birth, then the state of mind when the soul leaving this world will decide the reincarnation process.

3) Does siddha vidyarthi believe in Pranic Healing or any other healing methods?

Any Healing, what ever it may be it is because of the self power. In pranic healing, the healer giving his Atman’s will power to the patient. He is correcting the patient’s aura by purifying it. During this process healer will loose considerable amount of his jeeva sakthi. But in siddha vaithiyam the herbals will do this healing process thro’ the patient’s body and mind

4) Does siddha vidyarthi believe in eight siddhis as explained by Tamil siddhas?

Siddhis are strictly prohibited in siddha vedham.
Since, it is the process of wasting our hard earned power to do unwanted /undue miracles.
There is nothing to do with the siddhis in the process of knowing and merging with the self
Instead if you utilise this power it is very dangerous. You might loose the power of your self and the main idea of taking this birth i.e. to unite with the self may be eluded.

5) Does siddha vidyarthi believe in existence of evil spirits and negativity?

Sakalathuvam  is evil (All evils because of impurity in people’s mind)

Raga-dwesa is evil

“I” Ahamkara, is evil

“Lust” is evil

Everything is for me - this cruel thought is evil

Power, cast, Jealous and greed is Evil

Swarga and Naraga is in the same body and mind.

Noble and Good thoughts and knowledge about self and union with self thro’ “oorthuva gathi” is swarga

Letting down the Jeeva sakthi thro’ “Atho gathi” is Naraga (Evil)

“oorthuva Gathi”  is Swargam

“Atho Gathi” is Naragam


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