Monday, April 15, 2013

PATANJALI TEMPLE - Kulasekharapatnam

We are planning to celebrate a function in " MAHARISHI PATANJALI TEMPLE " on Chitra full moon day (Chitra Pournami) April 25th 2013 at kulasekharapatnam located in Tuticorin(Tamil Nadu). 

He is one of the ancient siddhar who is the creator and master of yoga concepts. We are now collecting funds to celebrate the function in the grandeur way. 
So have a blessing from MAHARISHI PATANJALI .

siddhar Vyagrapathar is one of student of Patanjali Maharishi.


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  1. Where is this siddhar sri narayanasami's samadhi and kindly tell us regarding this siddhar

  2. In Kulasekaranpatnam,if you want to more information,please feel free to contact me.
    By Maharajan A,8012910700