Monday, December 23, 2013

Ashta Sastha Temple

Ashta Sastha Temple

The life ambition of our founder is to build a temple with the Ashta Sastha idols shown here. We are working to our level best make it happen. We seek your help and support to make this dream project come true. 
We have created a dedicated website for this mission. Website url :
Each Sastha Photo is added with a oneliner just below them respectively

1. Adhi Boodha Naadhar

The one who protects Village, city, country houses etc. With his divine grace, there would be more rainfall, more fertility in water resources, and land resources leading to more crop cultivation. Lender to withdraw the missing items. He would bless the entire world like a Sun 
2. Kalyana Varadha Sastha

He paves the way for easier marriages where there is more hindrance. He would remove the bad influence of Mars Planet. He eradicates our difficulty. He blesses with everlasting auspiciousness. He also has a Spear as his weapon

3. Maha Sastha

 Grace us with life improvement. He protects us from the bad effects of Rahu planet. He possess lots of strength & power
4. Santhaana Prapthi Sastha

Santhana Prapthi Dhayagar. He feature Venus and eliminate us from the sterile nature thereby aid childbirth. Facilitator of pregnancy. He preaches all Shastras.
5. Samohana Sastha
He is the protector of our home and family, in our absence. He is the one whose aura is like the moon light zone. All the three worlds enchant him. He blesses us with augmenting conjugal unity. He is like Amudha Surabhi
6. Vedha Sastha
Like Mercury, he blesses us with wisdom. His Grace augments the Vedas. Intellectual. He would carry us out as per the Vedic instructions.
7. Veera Sastha
Armed in his hands like Ketu, he rides horse. As a destroyer of evil, he protects son of the soil. Son of lord Shiva
8. Gnana Sastha
He possesses Manikka Veena in his hands. He is positioned under banyan tree like Guru and he resembles Dhakshinamoorthi. He is like lord Shiva for all the three worlds. He is the provider of knowledge to our children and us.
9.Sree Dharma Sastha
Minister our mistakes. Forgiver of our mistakes, he preaches Knowledge & peace. He breaks the barrier of caste & creed and guides us. He graces us by our merge with the salvation. He eliminates the discomforts faced due to Saturn. ‘Agnyna Pitavasi! Prumatya Pitavasi’..

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