Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Spring Spiritual Journey 11.12.13...

  I am dedicated this page to my dad 'Chamundi' P.N.Viveakanandan 
[ 11-12-1944] , on his birthday Stating his 70 ...

I think this is right time to write about my dad and his " Spring Devotions Journey " ...

Nithyananda Mudaliar & Amaravathi
“Chamundi Sented supari” started by my grandpa P. Nithyananda Mudaliar , in 1955 at Karaikudi and Madurai, Now dad looking after in Madurai till now...
My shop @ west tower st, Madurai
My father’s start sabramalai yatra from 1969 to still now and include 2 time padayatra from Madurai too...
Near Nambiar guest house @ Sabramalai 16-01-1983
In 1974 our Padayatra Guru Sevanthirajan (late) told to my father, about his dream “ a small boy came from  dean forest , saying  “you are going somewhere .., I am here why you are not see me ”,  my father said ‘As your dream , Phazamudeer Solai nearby forest to us , so small boy may be lord Muruga’. From that year to till date we are doing puja and also grand feast on last Sunday of karrthi tamil month (December) and then our Guru ji stated “Phazamudeer Solai Thiru Murugan Bhaktha Sabhai” ( Chamundi  group ) my father is active member in this …

1975 onwards my grandpa doing annadanam in thiruchendur every year Sasti. In 1979  Meenakshi temple priest Mr.Sankara patta(late) asked my father “1st time our Temple stating 6day kanda sashti at  murugan in Meenakshi inner parakaram ,Take one day ”, my father accept , every year 3 day Sasti ours ..
My dad 50 Birthday @ PazhamudirSolai
Earlier 1983 In PazhamudirSolai temple muddy slop between road and temple , devotees more afflicted while rain , Our “ Phazamudeer Solai Thiru Murugan Bhaktha Sabha ” built 18 steps from road to temple as remembering Sabramalai .. This is first change atmosphere in Pazhamudircholai … Now only 6 steps are there ....

Last before Thirupparamkunram Murugan  kumbabishekam for vallabha ganapati  my father Painted and repair gopuram ..

Meenakshi Temple my dad while crossing Iruttu Mandapam, he will ask himself   "Why Ganesa and Subramanian idols right and left corner , No gopuram but only having  granite pillar’s structures ?"
Mudali Mandapam
 Madurai Meenakshi Temple kumbabishekam fixed 7 July 1995 , that time Temple PWD  engineer Mr.Sridaran sir , down very amusing job to getting donor to help for kumbabishekam  , he also ask my dad to renovate Iruttu Mandapam . At that time only we came to know that is “Mudali Mandapam”.This was constructed by Kadanthai Mudaliar in 1613 

'Dream came true to .. ', my Dad  accepts to do renovate but  he requested to  “Build new small gopuram to Ganesa and Subramanian idols”. Mr.Sridaran sir told “i will try to get permission from temple endowment board” and he give order to renovate Iruttu Mandapam [Mudali Mandapam].

Now I am proudly say to world… " My dad name also in Meenakshi Temple history to Build two small gopuram and painted Mudali Mandapam . I think now this is last gopuram to build in Meenakshi Temple too .."

Chamundi Vivekanandan
[Pazhamutirsolai Thiruarul Murugan Bhaktha Sabhai]
Chamundi Supari
New 41 old 20/3 West Tower Street ,Madurai -625 001
Cell: 94424 08009 , Shop: 0452-2345601

Lot of other thing to say  .. about Meenakshi Wedding Feast....North Aadi streets idols.... i will Update soon ...

Loving Son.....
Harimanikandan .V

ஓம் சிவசிவ ஓம்
Dr.Mystic Selvam Om Shiva Shiva Om Mp3                  
Be Good & Do Good


  1. Happy birthday Aiyya. We are blessed to know him in person. Will be there in April/May 2014 for Madurai festival.

  2. I am be loved to know Mr. Harimanigandan"s family has got supreme touch with Goddess and spreading spiritual across the worl by means of Parental blessings and that follows too...

    Be different from an Ordinary
    By means of your Inner soul, thought,it
    Becomes as an Eternal Attitude with in You to
    Be the Best in the Universe.....

    but all these are by the "a"drop of OUR Great Father we remain.

    We are blessed by Your DAD , since we are with you.

  3. Ayya, we need asirvatham of your thakappanar, Great "Chamundi" Vivekanandan Mudaliar. Please ask him to bless us to continue similar services. Thank you for sharing this information.

    Kind Regards
    Meyyappan S