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Salem Appa Paithiyam Swamy Guru Poojai on 27/01/2015

Salem Appa Paithiyam Swamy Guru Poojai 
on 27/01/2015 
Appa Paithiyam Swamy was born in the Zamin family of Karur Fort in the year 1859. In his 16th year, he is said to have left home and gone to Palani. While he was roaming around in the hills of Palani, he is said to have met his Gnana Guru, Sri Azhukku Swamigal of Vettaikaaran pudhur. Together they travelled the length and breadth of India. After Azhukku Swamigal attained Samadhi at Pollachi, Sri Appa Paithiyam Swamigal moved to several places like Tiruvannamalai, Tindivanam, Cuddalore, Pondicherry and finally to Salem where he attained Samadhi in the year 2000 when he was 141 years old.

Why did he come to be known as Appa Paithiyam? Since he was like a father to those who had faith in him, he was lovingly called Appa by his devotees. He often referred to himself as "Paithiyam"( mad man), and hence came to be known as Appa Paithiyam Swamy.

Mr. Madhaiyan, who performs poojas and offers Vibhoothi as prasad, tells us all the interesting facts and miracles in the life of Appa Paithiyam Swamy. He takes us to the office room where he gives us pictures of the Swamy. Interestingly, there is an automated Vibhoothi Vending machine set in such a way that when you place your hand under the picture of the Swamy, the Vibhoothi falls into your palm from his raised hand. Several people queue up to collect Vibhoothi from the picture.

The sayings of Appa Paithiyam Swamy are displayed prominently at different places in the temple:
1. Boasting will destroy a man.
2.If you keep your mind clean, there will be no cause for worry.
3.Only Annadhanam (donating food) will free a man from his sins.
4. A man who does not change in front of the Swamy cannot be changed by the World.
5.Sharing food will cure hunger. Hoarding and eating by oneself will bring disease.
6.There is nothing greater than a mother's blessing in this world.
7.When you take one step towards the Swamy, he takes ten steps towards you.
8.No mantras are required for one whose mind is clean.
9. One gets benefits based on his efforts.

Several thousands of devotees throng the temple during the birthday of Swamy (28th day of the tamil month of Chithirai) and his Guru Pooja on day of Ashwini in the tamil month of Thai.

The temple is situated on the same road as the Salem Railway Station and is accessible by bus and auto from all parts of Salem. It is open between 5.30 am and 12.30 pm in the morning and 5.30 pm and 8.30 pm in th evening. The contact numbers are 0427 - 2447078, 2331974.

Appa Paithiyam Swamy has been performing several miracles in the lives of those who trust him. The serene environment of the temple provides a soothing effect to those seeking peace of mind. If you happen to be in this part of the world, do stop by and get the blessings of the Swamy.

information : Jeevamrutham Book [ edit : Mr.Thiru Murugan ]

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