Saturday, October 24, 2015

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Sabarimala Temple Opening & Closing 2016-2017

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New 18 steps-Click: Behind Pathinettapadi (18 steps) on 16/10/2015

How to reach Sabarimala Temple
Please note all details only up to Pamba, one has to walk steep hill Neelimala around 7 Kms. In fact many people prefer walking right from Erumeli 42 Kms to reach Sabarimala. The joy of reaching Sabarimala thru this long walk gives immense pleasure once it is reached. Without pain not much gain. May be that is the hidden agenda of Sabarima pilgrimage.

Virtual Tour of Sabarimala Temple p4panorama

Rare photo of Sabarimala Temple taken by Shri. Utrradam Thirunal Marthand Varma in 1942 when he came to sabrimala with his brother King Shri. Chitra Thirunal Balarama Varma Maharaja.

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