Friday, May 6, 2016

Self is the Guru for the self


~ A wise man uses every event of life, as an opportunity to learn something profound about His /Her True Self.

A wise man extracting Knowledge from an events of a life story.

A wise man never settles into a limiting believe system.

Only Realisation of the Absolute Truth can bring totall satisfaction.

Wise man do not seek to secure His/Her profit in the fleeting phenomenon, but find and be established in That, which is Eternal.

Dismissing aims, profits, securities, pertaining to a life events, he/she is focused on what is Truly Important; immortal Truth Knowledge Bliss.

Wise man discriminate between what is Real and what is unreal.

Knowing, that the True Nature of Self - Absolute is Radiance, Abundance, wise man acquiring the Power to transform pain, negativity, heaviness into Joy, Love, Light, Radiance.

Wise man do not disregard any possible help on his way to Know and be Established in the Absolute Truth.

Self is the Guru for the self, Self is the Shrine for the self, Self is the Mantra for the self.

Beginingless Endless Self is the Eternal Reality - Quintessence of Highest Knowledge in a state of perpetual Extasy - Bliss.

Self is lacking nothing, desires nothing.

Self is totall satisfaction.

Self have no restriction, no boundaries, no limitations, no opossitions, no other.

Self alone is.

Self is Absolute Freedom.

Unrestricted Freedom, Knowledge and Might of Self is the source of Purest Joy and Bliss.

Self is in Love with the Self.

Self is Love.

From Joy, Knowledge, Freedom, Love of Self, infinite world's, universes, creatures, times, and spaces rises and falling, like a waves.

You are the Self.

Be wise. Find the way to Awake your sleeping intellect.

Shake off illusive appearance, untangle your self from the countless knots of powerful Maha maya.

Gain your intoxicating Freedom.

Nothing else matters. ~

~ Shiva Somadev ~

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