Monday, January 9, 2017

Silence Becomes You,

When you become silent and the silence becomes you, there is a type of deep listening that empties you out and from this deep openness you notice what you could not intuit when you were surfing on the surface of interpretation and not presently able to be the silence which is under all the surface play.
You may intuit that most people share what they wish to learn, they share what they have discovered but don't fully understand yet, they share to get confirmation, they share to reach out and connect with others in the ways they cannot connect within themselves, they share but something about their sharing is innocently noisy.
It's a sharing that is foggy with past spiritual revelations, perhaps wise but static with no present depth, somehow there is no spark of aliveness, you don't feel the soaking of being at home, it doesn't speak to the wholeness of the heart. It's difficult to pin-point since it's not a surface interpretation but something deeper is felt, without words, some type of division, judgement or separation is felt within the energy of the words, even as the surface words seem to be trying to convey oneness and communion.
Yet, when the Sage shares, there is an energy and presence felt, if you are sensitive, a deafening silence is intuited, which has no agenda or motivation. Somehow when these beings share, it feels like nature. The purity of what they share is similar to what mother nature is sharing. Similar to how the Sun shares itself. Their words are wordless, somehow. You feel at home in their presence and within the presence of their words, and even when you have resistance to what they share and what they are, what they mirror, somehow, if you're sensitive, you cannot help but to keep being pulled to what they share.
All this takes place, but for the Sage nothing is happening in that manner, since they do nothing on purpose. You see a body, you think the Sage is a body, but this is not the case. The Sage is everywhere, as everyone and everything, which is simultaneously only here; omnipresent. There is nothing else and nowhere to go. All happens spontaneously, like nature. There is this wholeness which nothing adds to nor subtracts from and this is why you feel at home with the Sage because you are the whole; the omnipresence.
You are not that body, you are all bodies, but equally everything else too. You are not limited in one location, you are all locations equally, simultaneously and omnipresently, thus there is only you, only here, you alone.

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