Thursday, January 5, 2017

Simply don't mind.

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Don't mind if thoughts are happening or not and don't mind if you're minding if thoughts are there. Don't mind if you're understanding or not and don't mind if you're trying to understand. Don't mind what you're feeling and don't mind if you're not wanting to feel what you're feeling. Don't mind if you're experiencing peace or not and don't mind if you're seeking to experience peace. Don't mind anything, even if you're minding then don't mind that. Don't mind your mind means don't mind if you're minding your mind.

That's the freedom and peace which surpasses understanding since it's a freedom which doesn't need to feel a certain way, a freedom that doesn't need anything to be a certain way, a freedom that doesn't even need to be freed. That's freedom itself and it points to that which is already and always free.
 It's all so very easy and simple, just see that whatever is being, that's what is. Absolutely whatever it is, what is minding? The mind is minding the mind, so don't mind that, even if you're minding that then don't mind anything that is being minded.

This cannot be done as an instruction, you can only be clear about the processes of the mind, which is instantly laughable. It gives the mind nothing to do (Laughs) and you see that what you are doesn't mind simply because it's only the mind that minds the mind. How loopy. Quite literally the mind loops back onto itself; it imagines a problem with what is and then seeks to find a way out of that imagined problem, but there is no problem, just the spontaneity of the mind functioning as it does. That functionality is only a seeming problem to the mind (and when you see that you don't mind then you can say there is no mind).

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