Monday, December 11, 2017

27 Nagaraja in Madurai Meenakshi Temple ....

I am dedicated this page to my dad'Chamundi' P.N.Viveakanandan 
[ 11-12-1944] , on his birthday Stating his 73

About my dad...

Madurai Meenakshi Temple 
Vadakku Aadi 27 nagaraja idols....
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In year 2002  Near to North tower arasa and neem maram fully vanish [ Dead ]  and around  most of  nagaraja idols broken ..  Our family friend Prof.Ilango [ late] in agriculture collage with his guide, my dad plant new arasa and neem maram and also installed 27 new nagaraja idols around arasa and neem maram .. 

Just few month ago my dad say story about “Big nagaraja idols” …  He order 27 nagaraja idols to Sthapati  in  pasumalai , but he Sculpture only having 22 .. Near to that place another Sthapati having big nagaraja  idol , he told 3 years before from …village person order and given advance to make big nagaraja Sculpture to their village temple … they not get back….. But now nagaraja came to Lord Sundareswarar feet in Meenakshi temple ..

Chamundi Vivekanandan [Pazhamutirsolai Thiruarul Murugan Bhaktha Sabhai] Chamundi Supari New 41 old 20/3 West Tower Street ,Madurai -625 001 Cell: 94424 08009 , Shop: 0452-2345601

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