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Way to Pray in your Own Star Temple – Power Vortex – Enrich your soul energy

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Permanent Pooja of your Star Temple – Explanation
First thing is – all of us has to understand that – the Prime most duty of every one of us is to pray to our own Star Goddess and all the rest of 27 devi’s – including Abhijit.
Lord Moon Married Rohini first, Karthigai next and the rest later.
They are the foremost power, very old and waiting to bless us all.

Ashwini  (1)  – Thiruthuraipoondi SriBava Aushadeeswarar.
Our Present Sun Gets its energy from other multiple crores of stars and sends across the earth according to every individual’s star records. That is the reason that the heat effect differs to every individual. The rays from Ashwini star is full of medicinal properties and hence irrespective of the field ashwini people are involved , they have the blessings of radiating the medicinal energy to the whole of the human beings….the beejam for this star is Su, Sey, So, la.. The power vortex temple in Thiruthuraipoondi is 24 hours visited by all Medicinal Angels & Fairies across the Universe and from all worlds in millions of star systems.. You can conduct thanvanthri homam, Pooja to Lord Mars, Yagna for Lord Saturn , provide free medicines for poor people …

Sri Thanvantri Siddhar, Sri Badesahib Siddhar, Sri Alavanthi Siddar and Sri Karuvoorar Siddhar visits this place and dose paripoorana Mooliga Pooja with  64 types of Herbs on the siva linga… hence the radiance from the linga spreads to a certain perimeter across all Rivers, Ponds, Lakes , Trees, Plants , Creepers and Rocks around the temple..hence visiting this place during Tuesday, Saturday ,Ashwini, Aayilyam Star days will give you all a profound relief..
Ashwini Devas make a compulsory visit here on a daily basis….
Also Ashwini Star persons should visit Vaitheeswaran temple in Mayavaram, Poonthamallee, Tiruvanmiyur Maruntheeswarar,  Kumbakonam Suraikayoor..etc for more positive radiations….

Barani  (2)
Sri Agneeswara ( First Fire Lord)- Nallaadai – Mayavaram
Heat is in the form of Light, Fire, Temperature , Warmness in ether, Lamp , Forest Fire etc..this is used in various forms Agarbathi, Camphor, Cooking, Lightning etc… Sun and Moon are emitting Fire in another form… Star Barani is main amongst these and has come from Rudraakni ( Shiva)…its present across all places where homam / Yagna is performed..this was gifted to Fire God by Maharishi Mirugandu by the blessing of Sri Rudraakni Linga Moorthy.
Having this as  importance is today’s practice of lighting Barani Deepam in Thiruannamalai before lighting Kaarthigai Deepam atop the hill…
Vayaloor, Thirukaatupalli, Anniyoor, Kanjanoor, Nallaadai, VanniVelampatti, Thirukkanoor , Thirukannapuram are some of the most important place where lord agneeswarar blesses us the human beings with 1008 forms of Fire…
Barani Tharani Alum ( Barani will rule the world ) is a age old Thamigh saying which means  …Fire will Rule the world , which is 100 + percentage true..
Gasoline, Electricity, Fuel and Light is the one which is ruling the Human kind at present now…
Homam to be done without using Matchstick, Lighter  or gas lighter…but by Aralikattai ( Natural way of fire making by drilling two woods and Cotton)..
Still Homam’s can be purified by Lamps, Agarbathi and Pure Camphor..
Conducting Homams in Nallaadai temple during star barani will bless with earth big wealth…plus lighting numerous lamps, Sambrani Doopams, Agarbathis etc is a must there…
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Kritthika/Karthigai (3)
SriKaarthika Sundareswarar ( Suyambu Linga Moorthy)- Kanchangaram Mayavaram
Lord Shiva was in Penance for millions of years in the form of Kaathra Jyothi Yoga… With the negative power doing its dance to the core, all Siddhars and Rishis met Maha Sakthi & requested her to provide a solution.
Goddess Sakthi made a Golden Kernel and Filled it with Sivagangai theertham, upon which she did her counter penance . Lord shiva Cooled and thus was born Lord Karthikeya from the Six Fire pellets from Shiva’s eye..The lord who was in penance was so so beautiful & hence he is called Sundareswarar.. ( Doing tender coconut abishekam to idols in temples originated from this )..
Goddess also was young & beautiful ( Sri Thunga Bala Sthaanambigai) and got married to Lord Shiva in this place….The Root of the Six fire pellets  ( Kaanjana Prakasam) originated here and hence the name of the village stands the same.
There is a parrot ( Keera Saathrak)  in the left shoulder of the Goddess which recites Veda 24X7 here…Even though Veda’s are available across the Universe as Trees, Birds, Tanks Rivers etc is here where the Original Veda Sung by the Holy Father himself is available as a Parrot … Keera Vetham…..
Doing abiskheka aradana with Chanting of Vedas ( Rudram Chamakam etc) in this temple will provide you with all your wishes… all Spinsters has to compulsorily have a darshan of the parrot here for a good marriage life..
A best place to get rid of bad omen – Bad Drishti.. problem in Horoscope from the eighth House will be solved here..
Please do abishekam with Thungabadra river water during Monday, Karthigai Star, Pradosham, Monthly Sivarathri , then apply good quality Kaajal/Anjanam  to Goddess for best results.
Kaarthigai Ladies ( Foster mother of Lord Skanda) prayed to lord shiva with Kanchana Spadikam – Crystal and got the power to be the mothers of Lord Fire.
Karthiga Star Angel recharges her energy only from this spot – hence please visit this place for all your needs.
Natives with problem in their marriage life – has to visit here on karthigai star or pradosham – do Santhana Kaappu , Apply Kaajal to ambal and do Sumangali pooja with minimum 6 Sumangali ladies and best result is assured as per King Agasthiar.

Rohini (4)
Sri Pandavathootha Perumal – Kanchipuram – Opp Road to Busstand.
Goddess Rohini was adept in doing various tapas and did a great tapas of standing in single toe for light million years in SriThaanthreeswarar temple of Sithukkadu ( Poonamallee) and got the blessings to marry lord moon and open her wisdom life.. ( Sahasra Paathampooja Gnanayoga ) …
Also she was blessed enough, to see the Vishwaroopa Darshan of Lord Krishna,…and till date and forever visits this Kanchipuram temple daily in some form…
History ( Not Story)- When lord Krishna went to Duruyodana as a messenger , Sakuni and team planned to kill Krishna cunningly by having a ditch under the throne of Krishna … but Lord Krishna showed them the Vishwaroopa darshan and forgave them… this as it is – is the statue inside the temple in kanchipuram.. You should have Rohini Doopam ( Agarbathi) lighted and circumambulate  this temple .. adipradichinam, Angapradishinam is laudable.
Donate Butter Murrukku, Seedai, etc to Poors here to come out of petty quarrels with relatives and neighbours.. Also will help in getting good job, business , trade and agricultural growth..
People with serious life problems has to visit here on Wednesday,Saturday , Ashtami Thithi, Rohini Star and 8th date of a month .. Help Children do pradishinam with doopam in their hand…
Kindly note there are crores of temples in the Galaxy of Rohini Star Constellation and all idols in the temples will only be Seated position .. Rohini Star constellation is full of Dharba Grass , hence Scores of Siddha & Rishis are always in Seated position here…
Mrigasheerisham ( 5)
Enkann Aathinarayana Perumal- Mirugandu Maharishi temple
During the Penance of Birugu Maharishi, a King who had been for hunting inside the forest made huge noise and kalebaram.. Irked by him the Sage cursed him to have a lions face and roam in the forest. Later the same sage gave him a solution as below .
He has to identify a temple with Mrigasheerisha Power where Lord Garuda himself will have the lord in his shoulders and Lord Muruga will be seated upon Peacock . After which he has to provide them Vahanas of Lion, Nandi, Peacock, Swan, Goat totalling to 8…
Later the King identified the temple did as per the guidance and came out of his Curse…there was a time where this temple had 108 Vahanaas in whole and numerous Sculptors and Temple builders…
What to do :
Donate/ Gift honey mixed Chakara Pongal, Athirasam, Paalpaayasam etc during amirtha yoga time in this temple to get rid of all family problems and confusions..
Jobless people : Visit this temple during Wednesday, Vishnupathi day, Saturday and do Thirumanjanam to Perumal…Donate prasadam of Sweets mixed with peanuts,Cashew & Badam to Children…
  • Ø Lord Hanuman got the blessings to carry Lord Rama in his shoulders here
  • Ø Sandana Kaapu to perumal and Butter Kaapu to Garudan will help us be relived from Skin disease and leg problems
  • Ø Lotus Flowers Garland in huge nos to both perumal & Garudan will help hereditary to continue.
  • Ø Honey mixed Jackfruit, Chakara Pongal, Paanagam , Paalpayasam offerings donated to Poor people will save families which get repeated huge problems in their life ( idi mel idi)
  • Ø Having lamps upon lotus leaves in our hands and circumambulation the lord will help us from known people back stabbing us
  • Ø Doing Tharpana Pooja for ancestors with Honey mixed theertha water upon lotus/ Manthaarai leaves will help family to come out from severe disease and often deaths in family
  • Ø Maasikkai, Ground nut peas, Full Coconut ( kopparai), Nungu and vetti ver offering in homam will help families re unite back.
  • Ø Children suffering very often should be carried in shoulder here and prayed
  • Ø For Child birth – have 5 sugarcane tied to gether and hang sweets, vegetables, fruits, clothes from the centre. Both husband & wife carry it on their shoulders like Kaavadi and pradichinam in the temple and give it off to poor.

 G Krishnakumar ( Earlier :
Thiru Aathirai ( 6)

Athiramapattinam – 12 Kms from Pattukottai town of Thanjavoor
SriSundaranayaki Samedha Sri Abaya Varatheeswarar
The town name is an out come the worshipping of the Great King Athiveeraraman in this temple . He was born from Thiru aathirai star constellation.
It has got the best of best Blessings from Lord Shiva.. during annihilation of negative forces like Iranyan, Iranyaatchakan & Soorapathman , devas took refuge in this star constellation also. Reason being daily 4.30 to 6.00 pm and during Thiru aathirai star day… Holy Father himself with Abaya varada posture roams across here…and negative are shit scared to entre this constellation.
With crores of light beams flashed by holy father … the most powerful being Arudra Light beam from his third eye…can be withstood only by this constellation amongst the 28 batch…only on Margazhi thiruaathirai the spec of the light blesses our present earth in nebula…
This temple is being daily visited and blessed by both Bairava Maharishi and Raivatha Maharishi…
Raivatha maharishi was born from Raivatha Light of Lord shiva’s flash….
You have to chant the below Verse in this temple…

All devotees to get rid of current planetary position ( Gochar ) , has to visit this temple during Sivarathri , Monday 7 & Thiruaathirai star day and donate Badam, Parangi ( Yellow ash guard) Pumpkin,Jeerakam, Cholam,Custard apple and Jack fruit after offering it to the lord…

Punarpoosam ( 7)- Vaaniyambadi Sri Athithieaswarar
There was a time when Goddess Saraswathi tried to stop the pooja of Lord Brahma and hence she become dumb. After light years of penance and repent she was blessed with the universal knowledge by Lord Hayagreehvar under the instruction of Lord Shiva and that happened in this place. It is also the place where Goddess Vidthya Lakshmi did her penance to get married with Lord Hayagreehvar.
Holy Father Lord Shiva Called upon as “ Vaani nee yemmai Paaduga” – Vaniyambadi….
Athithi Devi – wife of Kaasyaba maharishi did her pooja here to beget Devas as her children.
People born under this sign has to compulsory donate food atleast to one person daily…. since Goddess Saraswathi cooked food here and fed Lord shiva who came as athithi in disguise form.
To Do…
Every punarpoosam & Full moon- annaabishekam to Shiva & pooja to Goddess sarasvathi with white flowers..
Monthly Purchase of grocery items in our house has to be done in this star
People in hotel , food industry has to visit this temple once in a month and do annadhanam
Bodhaayana amavasya pithru tharpanam can be done in this temple….
Since Sun and Moon had been here together- Amavasya tharpanam should be done ..
Dindu maalai in Saamanthi Flower and Honey abishekam to Saraswathi will help people who suffer from Stammering, dumbness etc .. All speech therapy doctors to visit here
Singing the Verse of Kumargurubarar starting with Verse “venthaamarai kandri will bless oratory skills..
Fleecing the public with high ,School Fees education materials will have the school owners hereditary suffer from mental disturbance for atleast 24 cycles..
Poosam (8)- Vilangulam Abiviruthi nayagi (s) Atchayapureeswarar 20 Km from Peravoorani
Poosam patha nesa tharum- Lord Saturn has a Soft Corner for all poosam natives.

Poosa star natives are blessed with more will power out of their mind and heart due to their pooja, when compared to other stars..
All yogis blessed in this world will first have their bath in Poosa Jyothi Theertham of Poosa Star Constellation and only then will move to their respective star worlds for mukthi immersion .
This is the spot where lord Saturn himself was blessed by lord shiva for marriage, after much hard ship.. Lord shani was roaming across the world begging for alms and finally fell inside a pit here ( Poosa Vaavi) due to fatigue and got his handicap ( limp) removed ..
Saniparani Siddhar( Dark Crow), Poosa marungar( Manikaakai), vaigasi pooranar, Kallipaal siddhar and Kagapujandar have their daily pooja covered here in this spot…

People with Pongu Sani, Mangu Sani & Thangu sani period , frequent travellers , heart patient, Jatagaas (Horoscope ) with Mrithyu dosha has to make visit here very often. Also natives with Sani dasai, sani buthi, sani antharam has to visit this place to face their life reality. The best time to visit is on a MUKKOOTU Satuday with Poosa star and Thirithiya thithi combination.. and we have to wait for it…
Poosa natives across the globe has to visit this temple once in every year
And do 8 times pradishinam ( Circumambulation), and every one who visits this temple has to first take bath in the theertham and then ensure abishekam is done with Gingelly oil, Punugu, Honey, Panchamirtham, Milk, Curd, Sandal and tender coconut water to Lord Saturn.
Sandana Kaapu to lord and Ellu ( Till) rice, ellu urundai , ell mixed thattai, Murukku offering and daanam to poor will offset unexpected sudden disease and chronic ailments and lot but not least- heavy debts in life .
 G Krishnakumar ( Earlier :
Aayilyam ( 9)
Thirunthuthevan kudi ( Nandankoil) – Kumbakonam arumarunthu nayagi (S) Karkadeswarar Busroute 27& 2A from Kumbakonam.
 This star holders are immensely blessed with Medicinal frequencies/aura/vibrations along with them.
To do during this star day :
Buying of new vessels, vehicles, agriculture tools, oil items, doors , windows
Conduction of Navagraha homam
Dhanvantri Pooja, buying of medicines , intake of medicines ..
During Waning phase of moon – to intake healthy foods & Vitamin types to boost energy
During waxing phase of moon – to intake medicines to get rid of disease –operations , getting admitted in hospitals etc.
During girivalam of Thiruvannamalai, Nedungudi (Pudukottai),Thiruparankundram,Thirukalukundram,Paravathamalai etc.
During full moon to new moon time and on Tuesday Saturday and during the stars of aswini and ayilyam do adiprathashanam along with your medicines for your speedy recovery of disease.
More people who are physically fit but mentally disturbed due to various reasons have to do thaila kappu(anointing) of Ponnanganni,Karisalanganni,Senbarathi,Maruthani,Neelibringathi mixed with amla.People with severe disease, for eg: Sugar,BP,Cancer,Piles,Heart,Kidney,Severe stomach pain has to abishegam for shivalingam during ayilyum and (or) new moon.Have a dharshana of goddess for immediate remedy also doing milk abishaegam of kaaram pasu and do dhanam of malai poondu,greens and karuvaerpillai.
Vibhuthi kunguma abhishaega prasatham of these gods given to patients will result in speedy recovery. During Tuesday/New moon/Ayilyum star doing 36 circum ambulation(adiprathashanam) along with recitation of thiruneetrupathigam and Vaithiyanatha ashtagam will bless the native ………
During the sun stars days of karthigai,uthiram,uthradam praying in this temple and doing annathanam or fruits mixed with wheat,beetroot and red raddish you will recover of any disease.Image result for navagraha
Magam( 10)
Thavasimadai Sri. Mahalinga swami. 25 Kms form Dindukal towards Nattham
Earlier this place was called as Dhabasviradam,Dhabasvi Koodam with magnificent Siva temple.This place was once and forever is brimming with sages and rishis with severe penance.
During the penance days of magma panchami, sashti, Ekathasi, thuvathasi, prathosham monthly sivarathiri we have to pray this god with proper abishekam and give offering of puffed-rice balls.
People of bharathvaja kothram has to compulsorily visit here.The optimal place for meditation,yoga, aasana and related subject.
This temple is a power spot of Kethu Star, hence you can get more yogic powers, Dhyana Japa results here instantly.
With two Goddess available in this temple , it is good for all ladies to have darshan here and also people with two stamps ( suzhi) in their head has to visit this place for a good future.
Pooram (11)
Sri Haritheertheswarar temple of Thiruvarankulam ( 10kms from Pudukottai)
Pooram star is part of Fire world and Poora theertham is available in this constellation. Aadipura amman did penance and had darshan of Lord shiva from here. In this poora star constellation you have Seven Great theertha’s namely Siva theertham,Gnana Bramha Theertham, Naaga Theertham, Indira theertham, Skanda Theertham, Sri Theertham and Guru Theertham.
A soul has to take bath in one theertha, after which the next will be revealed to it. Only on completing Five , will the Gurutheertha will be revealed to the soul.
Only people who had seen all this theertha is taking birth in Poora Star in today’s world.
By the will of holy father all the holiness of the above Seven theertha’s from the upper world are well available in the Pond of this temple. People born on Poora star have to compulsorily take bath in theertha’s frequently across India during their pilgrimage.

Uthiram (12)
SriMaangalyeswarar of Idiayatrumangalam ( Tiruchi –Toll Gate Lalgudi)
A star in which we can carry out Marriage, Bramhoupathesam,Seemantham,Valaikappu,house warming etc…So is the power of the star’s Mangala ( Positive )Energy . We have the Status of Maangalya Maharishi in this temple. He is the one who conducts marriage ceremony for the Great Celestials like Sage Agasthia,Vashistar, Bairavar etc..
Atchatha Fairies, Sathaasthu Fairies, Maangalya Maala Fairies ( Seen with garlands in Invitations) all of them have this Maangalya Maharishi as their Guru. It is so Super Positive Star , hence all God’s Marriage Raadha , Sitaa, Paarvathi happens only during Panguni Uthiram.
Srimathi Mangalidevi the better half of Maangalya maharishi is always present in the marriage functions along with her husband to bless the couple as directed by Goddess Ambal herself.
Uthira Pathiram, Sathira Mutthiram, Puthira Chithiram Sotrirak kathrayamey…
all uthira star natives have to byheart this and chant life time…
Arunthathi, athithi and Anusuya devis always visit this star constellation and do Paatha pooja to Mangali devi for their well being.
Maha Guru Agasthia has blessed Mangali devi with a unique name
Vrida mangali

People with Problems in foot, aged people who live alone due to misunderstanding with Children, Son in law, daughter in law –people with second wife ( First wife is no more) and issues within siblings of both the wife due to property dispute has to visit this place to have a solution in their hand.
Hastham (13)
Sri Kiruba Koobeswarar with Srimathi Annapoorani of Komal near Theralunzthoor- Mayavaram kuthaalam.

Our inner palm of hand denotes the entire Galaxy and universe- hence Indians have the practice of waking up and seeing their hands as the first thing daily morning. Since the Index finger denotes Jupiter- Middle Finger Saturn, Ring figure Sun, Last finger Mercury , Thumb Venus & additionally we have Moon , Mars bulges inside the palm with Raghu Kethu Dots/Spots. Irrespective of age and birth all humans will have ageing changes on the whole of their body whereas the palm lines and signs will not change till last. Across the globe blessing happens through Palm and all of that is linked with Hastha Star Constellation.
If you want to attain Moksha- the eligibility is to see the stars during day time and for that – please visit this Temple which gives Komaleeya Jothi blessings. The best place to do gayathri jaba , dhyana and soorya namaskar . you have to hold your palms together above your head and do pradishinam in this temple.

Also it is must to see the perumal in Rajagopala swamy temple, after the darshan of Shiva temple.
People with utter confusion in life has to visit this temple to get the
Dhayaanithi blessings during Monday, Pradhosham,Wednesday. Donate Kozhukattai, Vadai, laddu, Boli, Poori, Chappathi, Roti Bajji, Bondaa in this temple to poors.
Also a best temple for bachelors and Spinsters to do pooja with Cow & Calf here for a good marriage.

Chitthirai ( 14)
Madurai Kuruvithurai SriChitthira Rathavallaba Perumal- Sholavandan route
A Power place where both Sukraachariyaar and Brahaspathi respective gurus of asura and deva were blessed by Perumal and also initiated the process of all gurus of all peetaas to get their initiation for a good gurushishya parampara to envisage.
You have two separate shrines of Srisudarsanar and Guru Bagavan facing the main temple gate.
This is the place where Lord Vishnu came down in a Chittira Ratham with various Yanthras as its wheels. This has 7000 various colors and not as seven colors available in our present Earth.
This happened during a time when Deva Guru did penance here and asura guru did penance in Thirupuvanai ( Pondy- Villlupuram route) simultaneously.
River vaigai sprouted from the Bargaspathi theertham which connects both this temple underground. When both these guru joined together , all the subgurus of various clan had to join here and thus came the name Guruvin Thurai- which has graded as kuruvithurai at present. This is the where enmity can be dissolved due the presence of both the gurus blessed by Vishnu recommended by Lord Sudarshanar.
Pooja Details- Seven abishekams, with seven different color dresses and seven flowers..will yield good future.
Also doing pradikshinam with your horoscope will help a lot.
One wife one husband concept will manifest here and there will be no change of thoughts between couples. Best place for remedies to Fits problem.
People who had hurt others due to money , authority power has to do pooja here to ward of the negativity.
Swathi (15)
Sithukkadu Sri Prasanna Kunthalambigai U Sri Thaanthreeswarar & Sri Sundarajaa Perumal Temple ( 10km from Poonthamallee)
Life time prayer temple for the people of swathi born people, this is a temple which will help everyone of the 27 stars to identify their respective Yoga posture based on their birth star . A place where Jadaamudi siddar is available . He is a siddha who eats only one amla every year and walks only on the thumb fingers of both his legs. Travels in his hair bed to any cosmic world and blesses the needs.
Swathi star denotes the oneness of Shiva and Vishnu- it denotes the significance of Sundaraja, Vasudeva,thiruvikrama perumal. Su Va Thi…People who does Sirasanam, Kukuda asanam, Pujangasanam & telepathy studies should use this star days. Place where Amla & Thulasi gets married – and amirtha sakthi is bestowed all 365 days …
This temple has the uniqueness of Lord Kubera performing the marriage of thulasi witnessed by Karudakodi siddhar, punarvasu maharishi & Beejavappa maharishi ( Anjaneya’s Guru).
To get rid of money problem and to settle the borrowing , you have to donate Curd rice, puliyodhara with Amla pickle in this temple as inducted by Kubera deva.
Best place to get rid of Marriage curses and delays. You get Swarna Dasahari sakthi from this temple. Keerabavana Siddhar who is in jeeva Samadhi form inside the vadapalani vengeeswara temple visits this temple daily in the form of a Parrot.
Do Paalpayasa dhaanam in this temple after completing angapradishanam on a pradosham day for all around growth and removal of very bad sins.
A best place for all doctors to pray garuda kodi siddhar.
All our pitrus come here during every swathi and light lamps to god for guiding their offsprings in a proper way.
Doing kalabairava pooja here during Wanning Ashtami bestows best results.
Kunthalambigai goddess converts the blessings of lord shiva from light to sound and Sound to light for the welfare of us- we humans in this temple. She reveals this secret to Nandhi and then to us through him.
Even lighting one lamp in this temple during swathi lights the cosmos with poosura, Buvana jothi power …
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