Friday, May 30, 2014


Dear sir 

If we are able to reach the point where body conscious is lost then we can experience the all about the truth. unarvuru unarvellam kadantha arutperumjothi as said by vallalar. everythings arises from nothing and settles in nothing. The sound starts from the silence and settles in the silence. The light starts from the darkness and settles in darkness. Likewise thought starts from thoughtless area. Which one is permenent is the sound or silence. is the light or the thought or thoughtless area. The silence The darkness The thoughtless area are the permenant structures others are all temperory structures. If you are in thoughtless area will you able to feel the body and what is happening in the world?. So what we are talking about the events occuring in this world are temperory not permenant. If we are able to stay in that silent, dark, thoughtless area we are there in the ether. 

We the souls are always in the ether but the ignorance (ARIYAMAI ) that we are this body only pulls you from that state of ether to this body conscious and towards the bonds between the body and this world. If we are able to remove this ignorance that is this body consciousness is not us we are soul we will not die or destroyed there is nothing morethan this soul. then only we can attain siddhi. Here anatomy or physciology of body will not workout to any extent. If we are able to see without this eyes and hear without this ears and tasting without this tongue and feel the pleasure (ANANDHAM) without this mind is the state of soul consciousness and if you go beyond this we can reach the truth. The ignorance(ARIYAMAI) of the athma (soul) not the ignorance of mindconsciousness should be washed out by ARIVU ( THE SUPREME) then this body disappears completely and the soul will reach SIDDHI. 

In samadhinilai the the body will be detached and soul will go off. But samadhi is prior step to SIDDHI. Thatis why we can see many samadhis for one single person in different places. That person will take different bodies and gets samadhi in different places till he reaches SIDDHI.

Till the ignorance of the soul is completely washed. After that they wont comeback. That type of persons are called SIDDHARS ( one who attained siddhi) before that we should not call persons as siddhars.

So even the prasatham (viboothi or kunguman ) comes from any person is not to be considered as precious one. All person will be protected only by the supreme sitting inside the soul not in the mind and so he will not protected by any sami or any asami. If death comes to any person it cannot be controlled by any sami or any asami. Please why i am trying to stress this word this is the point where we are slipping we will have wrong faith that the person has enormous power so that he can safeguard ourself from the sorrows and sufferings. Why all superior persons giving viboothi why not a bag of cash. Why they are collecting money for charity.they are superior powers why not they give money or goldcoin to all who ever comes to see him always. They cannot run all charity homes without the help of these silly humanbeings. Why this is not happening anywhere. Please realize the truth what is happening around us. Dont go behind any persons or worship any persons photo as god. The supreme is sitting inside us and also around us. It has no necessity for him to come in the name of samiyar, gurus, and siddhars. The siddhan is sitting inside us and also around us. We should have the faith and unbreakable wish towards that siddhan then only we can reach him.

Soul is the common word for all livingbeings. Is there any special name for the soul of bird,pig or humanbeing. Be good and do good to others. Dont giveway to any persons to lute our wealth,health, and precious time in the name of charity or in the name of god or in the name of guru. If we want to do something to others do it by yourself directly. It will give you more worthfull effect towards our karma. If for a big organisation, be sure that they are doing it in proper structure.


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