Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Virtual Darshan vallalar vasitha ellam [ Home ]

We would like to thank first to great souls who allowed us Publish ...  

This is first time we can see Virtual Darshan Chennai , Sevenwells ,Veerasamy Pillai Street 

"Vallalar vasitha ellam [ Home ]" 


Yesterday (2.8.2014) Jnana Jyothi Amma had a calling to visit Ramalinga Adigal's former home in Chennai. Here's her note to me.

Dear Shan,

It was a beautiful experience at Vallalar's place. It is very old house. The street is so narrow and dingy, with just enough space to walk. Harimanigandan told me that this was Old Madras. The current/present owner of that place is Mr Sripathy ..... a totally unassuming person, who lives a simple, humble life serving Vallalar. His grandmother had purchased this house 80 years back. ... and in the video what I had uploaded, he tells us exactly how his grandmother went about buying this house etc.

Towards the end of the video, he mentions that many miracles had taken place in the room /space and he himself , had witnessed many miracles. 

...,They served me lunch along with him and Mani. I spent around five hours with this gentleman and it was unbelievable ..... I couldn't believe that I was sitting in the same room .... rather the same space/spot .... where Ramalinga Adigal had meditated for months on end , wherein Murugan finally Graced and Blessed him with HIS Dharshan.

Gururva Sharanam..Sharanam..Sharanam..

see video Virtual Darshan Vallalar Home

Mr Sripathy explain about  Vallalar vasitha ellam 

Jnana Jyothi Amma with Sri Pathy

about House ...
Way to Vallalar vasitha ellam  ( Google map ... ) 

Harimanikandan .V

ஓம் சிவசிவ ஓம்
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