Monday, December 29, 2014


Agathiyar through a Nadi reading for Jnana Jyothiamma had requested her to perform the Sodasa Siddhar Pooja, an elaborate ritual for the Siddhas, aided by Nadi Nool Aasan Selvam.

Going through the net, I understand a typical Sodasa Pooja would comprise 16 elements, it being called Sodasa Pooja was appropriate too, the reason being 16 in Sanskrit is Sodasa. (ṣoḍaśa—sixteen, ṣoḍaśa-upacāra-pūjāya—by worshiping with sixteen kinds of paraphernalia – Source:

To get an idea on what the articles that are used in paying homage to the deities look like, see too.
A typical Sodasa Ubachara set.  Photo courtesy of  Raja Spiritual Super Market Private Limited, Kanchipuram
It is heartening to know that we at Agathiyar Vanam unknowingly have been conducting the libation or abhisegam to Agathiyar with 16 items.

Agathiyar through Jnana Jyothiamma has shown himself to the world in numerous ways and locations. Agathiyar has performed many miracles wherever Jnana Jyothiamma went. The latest pooja that Agathiyar instructs her to perform will be a precident for us to follow suit.

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