Monday, June 8, 2015


Sri Raghavan posted a beautiful piece on fb.

The body is a living temple.
And breath the highest offering to the deity,
With every outgoing breath,
You offer a part of yourself to the Universe,
And with every incoming breath,
You partake the blessings of it.

As you go deeper within this body temple,
You may find many exquisite sights and sounds,
Which are aimed to distract you from the main deity, 
Once you get trapped with this unearthly beauty,
That is it!

This is where the Guru comes in,
By his wisdom and grace,
He leads you to the inner sanctum,
Walking just a step ahead of you,
So it's easy for you to follow.

When you stop here or there,
To gaze at the magical sights,
He calls out to you by your name,
Or pulls you by your hand,
Saying, "Move on, this is not it!"

When finally the Guru and disciple,
Both reach the inner sanctum of the self,
The Master gladly unveils the deity to the disciple,
By lifting the veil of Maya,
And behold what a sight it is - Divine!

Then what the disciple experiences for himself,
Can never be described in truth,
Let alone allow words to capture it,
Love and bliss are best experienced,
In tears and silence,
That's it!

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