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Mysterious in Sedona hill , Arizona USA

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Place of power in Sedona

There is Agartha, so there is a very high energy
It is a mysterious, alluring Sedona, Arizona, the United States is a small town, whose fame far exceeds its size. . The reason for its popularity is understandable even to the entrance.

The most striking contrast of bright blue sky and huge red cliffs Cockayne, towering above the plain dark green seedlings. All this creates an enchanting backdrop for numerous luxury estates and ranches built here by celebrities and wealthy people.

But the uniqueness of Sedona is not only an amazing beauty, weathered red mountains as well as the Sedona is the metaphysical Center of America and a Mecca for fans of the new age movement and also in here "vorteksah" (energy turbulence) are the points where the energy goes to the surface of the Earth, a place of healing energy, clots of subtle energy, which has the ability to positively charged human nature and clean aura..

Vortexes are "inputs" into other dimensions, which are outside of our usual perception of space beyond the senses. No wonder the Sedona is a portal into other dimensions. Where there are vortexes, we go to new levels of energy that alters our perception and attitude in General, it can be said that Sedona is a large Vortex energy Vortexes, even in large kettles on a city map. There are places in the world that have a strong energy. The so-called places of power. Sedona is one of such places. People come here for spiritual growth and enlightenment, meditate, recharge. Connect in your I, get answers to questions and make progress in the spiritual and magical practices. 

For the American Indian tribes of the Apache and Yavapai Sedona has always been considered a sacred place where they spent their shamanic ceremony.

the place where the Sedona truly is an anomaly: the frequency of UFO sightings in this area is so high that every second resident of Sedona can tell about their experiences in monitoring the "flying saucer", there are frequent cases of people suddenly disappear, and then appeared in a few months or years, but for him it's only been a few hours. The adepts of this place of many sects worship as well as Buddhists, Tibet.

On the other hand, Sedona (in contrast to Tibet), as well as Manhattan is one of the most expensive places in American real estate, respectability some possessions (when seen from a bird's eye view) pointed out runway capable of taking a small jet aircraft. Also, the Sedona is home to several resorts, which are noted in the special books as the best in the world in its category. 

With a population of 10 000 Sedona visit between two and four million people per year. In Sedona people come from all over the world: the artists — for inspiration, art lovers — for many galleries (more than 150 local artists showcase their work in more than 40 local art galleries), practicing adherents — for spiritual cognition and the ability to teleport into other dimensions, ufology is the search for UFOS, millionaires, for luxury houses surrounded by nature, lovers of SPA and luxury hotels for a first-class vacation and travelers — in search of the stunning beauty of nature and landscapes of the red mountains and active relaxation in a stunning nature and many actors and actresses have real estate in Sedona. Among the famous residents of Sedona are Sharon Stone and Al Pacino.
Sedona is one of the most beautiful, harmonious and good places on Earth and who knows may visit Sedona-this amazing little town and is a private space for Effect as he became for us??

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