Wednesday, December 23, 2015

How to raise my Vibrations ?

Q. How to raise my Vibrations?
A. By purifying yourself.
Q. What to purify?
A. Mind, Body and Spirit.
Q. How to purify the Mind?
A. Through Mantras.
Q. How to purify the Body?
A. Through Food (and Breath)
Q. How to purify the Spirit?
A. Through Meditation.
Q. Talk to us on Mantras and Purification?
A. Mantra are powerful sound vibrations, to refine and redefine the Mind.
Q. How is that?
A. Mind is a collection of thoughts; Thoughts are a collection of sentences; Sentences are a collection of words; Words are a collection of Sounds; Sound is Vibration! Use a higher vibration to subdue a lower vibration.
Q. What about the Body?
A. Body too works on the same principle of acquired vibrations. Eat pure lite and nourishing food and raise your vibrations. Heavy and greasy ones, brings it down.
Q. What about Breath?
A. Breath, Body and Mind have a deep and undeniable connection. Still the body, breath will be stilled; still the breath and the mind will be stilled.
Q. What about the Spirit?
A. First do all this and then come back for more.
Q. Why?
A. Why bite off, more than you can chew.
Q. Thank you!
A. You can "Thank you!" only after putting it all to use.
Q. Why do you say so?
A. Knowledge and food, when not timely used, will spoil and stink.

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