Monday, February 15, 2016


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Anger is never just anger alone. Anger stems from hidden pain. Anger feeds on pain. When the pain is noticed then there is a space around the anger which allows you to speak about the pain instead of speaking as the pain. To speak as pain, the expression comes out as raging blame, but to speak from the space around the pain, there is no blame, just a sharing of what is impersonally felt.

To feel pain as impersonal is to take responsibility for the pain that is obviously there in the space which you are. In other words, you can speak about the pain because you deeply see that it doesn't define you and is not about you; it's simply conditioning. The same collective conditioning that every human being adopted through enculturation. Hence, it's a collective program, not uniquely yours nor personal to you. Sharing, or inner inquiry, is a way to bring the pain into the space more fully, where the pain can dissolve, instead of habitually arising over and over again without release.

Eventually, the gap between something arising and the space that you are, is immediately noticed and inner silence is the instant result. No suppression, no bottling down nor covering up, no ignoring nor pushing away, just simply; pain is registered and the silence embraces the pain so completely that the pain dissolves in silence.

Silence (both inner and outer) is always a measure for how deeply you recognize yourself as space/silence itself. People only share what they feel is important and it feels important because it's not being met within. To meet anything within, fully, there is nothing to share, only the peace and stillness of silence is, then everything is sacred, even though it's not important.

Underneath most anything that is shared, there is a subtle and unconscious inner conflict. It's a wordless confliction but the felt-sense expression is something similar to this: "Am I alone in this feeling? Is it okay to feel this?". It's a reaching out for connection because they are not connecting with the feeling within themselves, where it originated. If there was first a connection within, then that connection would naturally dissolve whatever is being felt because to connect within is to connect with the spacious stillness of silence.

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