Thursday, March 3, 2016

Can feel within yourself - " Summa "

Thank Sri Summairu
His FB message ...

"Summa? Sometimes I believe that the Master can't help me because I understand his words from my mind."

The mind is used to understand the mind. When the mind understands, that's the clarity which stops the mind. The mind can understand its own limits and through that understanding, that clarity silences the mind.

The only problem with understanding is that the mind can imagine to understand and we call that "conceptual understanding" because there is no clarity, but you will know when true understanding is happening because the clarity of that understanding will relax the mind.

This is how it appears, for a while. Knowing the truth and still watching it unfold as if the truth is not known. Even this can be relaxed into. It shows a deeper layer of how there is no control. You don't control if fear happens or not. 

"intellectual understanding" is pointing to something that happens when someone deeply believes that they know the truth. Then there is something to defend, something to protect, something to shout and trying to get others to understand because clarity is not truly had. There is no sense of openness or willingness, just a preacher and contraction to their energy, even if the words sound accurate. 

You can feel within yourself, in the same way that I am feeling the energy of your words now and you will sense that your comment was made from a willingness to explore and open to inquire. That's how truth moves, as this energy, which is pure and innocent. This is where clarity comes through, that sense of presence which is curious. 

That's all that is needed, no landing. Just open and curiously being with what is presenting itself in each moment. Each moment is eternally full when we are curious. That's where the joy of simply being comes from and sense of wholeness and completeness despite what is appearing. Simply being with and as whatever is unfolding here now.


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