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Noticing something doesn't make it true. Noticing something just confirms that you're noticing it. That's all. In fact, noticing something in your experience is proof-positive that there is more to what is happening then just what is being noticed.
For example, noticing that something is unclear in your experience shows that you're clear about something which feels unclear. Noticing that there is doubt shows you that you are undoubtedly aware of doubt.
Nothing confirms the seen but the seeing itself. The seen cannot know anything. The seen is known by way of the seeing.
When you feel confused then you're not confused about the fact that there is confusion. You know of confusion. No need to deny that. Just simply notice that you're not confused about the fact that confusion is present.
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In fact, you say "there is confusion" with so much conviction that you believe you are the confusion. And then that conviction turns into "I am confused". But you're not confusion. Confusion is happening and you have that much conviction because you are obviously absolutely aware of confusion. *Laughs* You see? You are absolutely not confused about confusion obviously happening. How simple. Everything is like this.
When you're not content nor at peace then you are absolutely knowing that something in you is not feeling contentment. That knowing is clear that there is no peace. Perfectly content in knowing that there is not contentment. Perfectly at peace with the fact that there is something that is not at peace.
Knowing (or noticing) is so obvious with undoubtable conviction that you miss the obviousness and confirm the known instead. It's similar to being in a room that is so illuminated with light that you forget the light is on and take it for granted, forget it, and only speaking about what is seen. As if the seen is the source of what is happening.
Yet, without the light then the room would be pitch dark and nothing would be happening because nothing would be seen. It's the seeing that is the aliveness, the source, the all of everything.
Without the seeing there is nothing else and when you realize this then everything confirms the seeing. Thus, there is only the seeing. The seen is only an after-thought which couldn't happen without the unbreakable, seamless and constant seeing. You are the seeing.
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The seen is not actually happening the way it appears because the seen cannot see itself. The seen knows nothing and sees nothing. The seen is empty of essence. It's dead and unintelligent.
Aliveness and being comes alive due to the only intelligence that is which is the seeing of the seen, the knowing of the known. If you were not first the knowing of it then the known couldn't come to know of itself. That's how you know that there is no self is the known. The known can seem to be only because of the knowing.
The seen can only seem to see itself due to the obvious fact of the seeing. There are not two things here. There is nothing separate from something else. It all relies on the seeing because there is only seeing happening.
How do you know that there appears to be something else happening besides just the knowing-seeing? Because you're knowing it and seeing it. You see? *laughing* ..... Everything always refers to That alone. You are That. You are the knowing-seeing.
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