Monday, August 8, 2016

How I found my Guru - Writer Balakumaran

Now Many people asking me..  

How to find my Guru ?..  

This 4 Video will have answers to your questions 
This Video will change your life... 

How he saw his Guru Yogi RamSurathkumar ... 

Yogi RamSurathkumar What you want from this beggar..
Balakumaran  Sir i can earn money ,earn frames , but i don't know whether god exists . you please tell me..
Yogi RamSurathkumar : Balakumaran asking Show me GOD ..This Begger will try...

Just watch this YouTube by Writer Balakumaran .. 
Part4    Part5   Part6

"Unnaiyarinthaal"- உன்னையறிந்தால்... 

 'Very Very Easy to See yourself ' Just 3 step.. 
    1. Nadi suddhi  , 
   2. Pranayama
   3. Find see Yourself inside you ( Who is asking this question ,where he ? find that point...)

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