Friday, February 24, 2017

What is silent [summa iru]

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What is silent [summa iru] 

What do I want. Whatever enter into the mouth gets converted into the house(body) without my knowledge. What ever jewels money wealth not coming into this house(body). Whatever relations are standing outside the house (body). Nobody nothing can come into my house (body). And also I can't go out of this house to get all those things. What to do. House is created and maintained by the creator. So I can't do anything in this material world . This world is maintained by the creator. I have no work. So I stay idle and waiting for my release. 

Always thinking about the renovation of the material world. When you are renovate your self.
Hear this speech on shivaratri night ..For 2 or 3 time .. You can get some things special in your life ... 

Mp3 (47 minutes ) -

Dr. Dheena Dayaalan Uyir

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