Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Infinite Power with a Miraculous Mind


Become master of your mind, writes RICK LEVY

Learn how to master the power of your mind and life will become your playground. There are actually four levels of the human mind, each more powerful than the last, rising all the way up to infinity. If you learn how to access and steer your thinking at all four levels, you will gain astounding benefits.

You’ll be able to free yourself from distorted logic of the kind that keeps you susceptible to distress. You will gain tremendous insight regarding your own destiny, and the power you need to make it happen. Distress will be nothing more than a distant memory, every challenge will become a cause for eustress — the opportunity to make gains in understanding progress….

1. Conscious Mind
The first tier of the mind is the one you are most familiar with and have the easiest access to: the conscious mind. It consists of your everyday thoughts, feelings, beliefs, perceptions, attitudes and expectations — the facets of your mind, you are aware of. It is however the weakest, smallest part of the mind…. Even though the conscious mind is the weakest, smallest part of the mind, it packs a lot of power.

Until now in the history of humankind, it’s the part of the mind that has principally been responsible for getting us where we are today. Just think of what we have accomplished by relying on it: the Internet, the space travel, the United Nations, satellite communication, laser surgery, cell phones…. However, all that we have accomplished using the conscious mind, has its limitations and it’s important to understand what they are. For one, the conscious mind is not as reliable or objective for what you may think it is. What you think at the conscious level is the product of your conditioned habits and the workings of your brain, all of which are highly subjective.

2. Subconscious mind
Hidden behind the conscious mind is the subconscious mind, a storehouse of memories, deep feelings, desires, motives and knowledge of which you are not usually aware. It is gigantic in size and power compared to the conscious mind. Sigmund Freud provided a simple but accurate model for understanding the size-power relationship between the two levels of mind: the iceberg model. The conscious part is the tip of the iceberg, the part that you see above the water line, which is always many times larger than the ‘tip’ floating above the waterline....

3. Super Conscious Mind
Hidden behind the subconscious mind is a third level of mind called the individual super conscious mind. Most people know it by its popular name: the soul. It is here that we are most directly aware of the Story Behind The Story. This level of mind is exponentially more powerful than the subconscious, and possessed of abilities that defy most people’s imagination. It is for this reason that the nature of the soul is usually relegated to the realm of scripture and poetry. To understand the power you possess at this level of your mind, you have to have a basic understanding of how the universe is structured and how it works….

The individual super conscious mind is a gateway to the universal super-conscious mind, which is infinite in power. It is virtually impossible to describe the infinite mind to someone who has not experienced it. There are no words, no poetry that do it justice. Lao Tzu, the fully enlightened master, once said,

 “He who speaks does not know, and he who knows does not speak.


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