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Stay Idle

Stay Idle  [ Summa iru ]

      If we store some things inside a empty room.  what happen to that empty space? where will it goes?. will it be there? yes that empty space remains in that same place. where is this earth placed? where is this universe placed? and where this galaxy placed.  All creation is placed inside this empty space only. so this empty space is the source for all creation.  so this empty space is not empty that is source for all creation and for all action done in the galaxy. so this empty space is called suthasivam.

     This sutha is the source of all events happening in this creation.  All things happened that is present past and future plans are all done and known to this sutha. This sutha is in nirmala state. but controling all thing in this universe. From this sutha only concept of pathi, pasu, and paasam came. These sutha and these three concept is infinitive. it will be there for infinitive time.  There is no time bar for this three concept.

    The sutha is in invisible and not felt and not experiencable in any way. The next states are visible and felt in some cases and cannot be experienced like air,fire,water, anger, worry, and other moods.  The third stage all things will be visible,felt and experienced. for example, We can take the latest equipment the computer, as example,The monitor, key board and mouse will be the third stage all will be visible, felt and experienced.  The sofware in it is in the second stage they can be visualized and felt and cannot be experienced. The source code is the first stage it cannot be visible,felt and experienced by all.  Only the creater can see,felt and experience it and can change that source code to make correction inside the software or computer.

   This all the three stages are totally controlled by this sutha.  so sutha means not nothing it is that moola(source) for creation and controlling agent of all event every second happening in this universe.  Let us make ourself in this nirmala state that is in sutha state and that is the way to equalising ourself to the sutha.  If we pour some water in a bowel of water it mixes and become one.  If we put some fire ball in a fire all become one.  Likewise the sutha of ourself and the sutha outside will mix to form one sutha.  This is called sutha samarasa sanmargam. one who follows this technique is called sutha sanmargi and that collection of poeple following sutha samaras sanmarga principle is called sutha samarasa sanmarga sangam.

    So each sanmarge will follow this sutha(nirmala) state to attain siddhi. in thyana experience first one white light will come and secondly yellow light will come and then red light will come (kollimalai) then a light is seen dancing to and fro called nataraja natanam and then a opening will come inside the red light call sorrga vaasal and then we can see the cithambara ragasiyam that empty state that sutha state. The soul all ready is in nirmala(sutha) state only.  There is no impurities there.  No need to wash it.

    Then why this difference and why this nirmala state inside me and outside is not mixing.  What makes it not to mix. Where is the hinderence?.  The barrier is that I. I is maya.  All other things are all true. So if I goes off.  Then there is no inside and outside all become one.  So If I become silent then both inside and outside will mix.  So the best way to reach siddhi is to make the I to be silent.  Summa iru is the correct technique to make the I to be silent and to automatically disappear.  The this body also disappear with the help of suthasivam.

   Thought is the source of I.  If you think some thing the maya I will automatically created.  So thoughtless state is that nirmala state.  Try to be in thoughtless state(nirmala) which is otherwise called as sutha state. This is the sanmarga technique to be followed and followed by siddhars to attain siddhi.  See If one not breathing we will say that he is it true?.  Then why we not saying that fetus inside the uterus not breathing and surrounded by amniotic fluid is dead.  It is getting all oxygen,nutrients via umblical cord attached to the placenta.

   Likewise if the Tenth hole opened there will be connection between the soul and the body.  It will be opened near the uvula(annaakku), This annaaku becomes the placenta and the tenth hole become the umblical vein that carries all the arul towards this body. Afterwards no need to breath,eat, and to pass motion and urine. suthadegam will be created. what is the technique that fetus follows to get life.  Does it does any yoga or any kind of meditation. It simply remains in summa iru state.  If any one remains in that summa iru (thoughtless state,nirmala state,sutha state) state then the connection between the body and soul will be created via the tenth hole.  This is  the hole till now is closed by maya door called I.  If this I goes off then the door gets automatically opened and leads to suthadegam.

    summa irunthal the "I" will automatically destroyed by its own and to reach the divine.  Then like the fetus grows continuously inside the mothers womb and completely protected and fed all needs by the mother.  Likewise the sutha mother will take the body under custody and give the relief from hunger,pain,ageing ,death and protect this body from all circumstates and make the body in peace and leads to deathless life. Summa iru doesnt mean not doing any activities or not going to work and earn money and to lead family life.  If you are in summa iru state then the thoughts and actions will not be yours.  It will be of suthasivam thought and suthasivams action.  Afterward there is no responsibility or karma for that person who are in summa iru state.


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