Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Be still..[ Summa Iru ]

He saw his plight wasn't laudable at all,
As he had invited it all upon himself,
Disregarding the delicate laws of life,
He plunged himself into the game of dice,
You see, seldom a vice comes alone,
Along with it, comes many to give company,
So did many vices, including inordinate fornication,
Became an unabashed part of Him,
He spent gold and whatever He had on these two,
Making him lose control of his life day by day,
A point in time came, when He had no gold or girl to play with,
That's when out of sheer desperation, he began to steal it,
Such a miserable plight he had got on himself,
That his Sister from another Mother couldn't see his plight,
She did the unimaginable and offered Herself to Him,
It was the greatest blow to Him in all terms,
Tears were running on Her face, yet He couldn't dare see it,
His eyes were downcast and his body was shivering like a cast off leaf,
He was ashamed from within and wanted to repent for his misdeeds,
Arunagiri, as he was called, left home and ran towards the temple nearby,
He climbed the gigantic central citadel tower of the temple,
In an attempt to throw himself to death as a compensation,
They say, even an instant of deep repentance, sins of the past,
Will be burned to nothingness, just like a spark is enough,
To reduce bales of cotton into soot,
He flung himself from the top citadel and came crashing down,
But in his wildest dreams did he realize that someone was waiting,
Just to hold him from falling no more and to make him rise high,
Lord Skanda, the son of Shiva, caught hold of him just in the nick of time,
Arunagiri couldn't believe his eyes, to see the Siddhaguru in front of Him,
He bowed down to the resplendent being a thousand or more times,
With tears of repentance flowing down his eyes,
He began to recount his tales of past horror to the Lord,
The Lord simply smiled and sternly said, "Summa Iru!"
Which loosely means "Be still!",
With that there was a sudden transformation in the spirit of Arunagiri,
He became still as the Mount Kailasa and deep as the Ksheerasagara,
No matter what transpired before, He knew it was forgiven now,
And a new life was about to be unfolded before Him,
Where no longer He will be gambling with girls or gold,
But He was to be the Chosen One, to play a game of the Soul...

His Father taught the highest wisdom all so silently,
So much so that no one except a few,
Understood the essence of His silence fully,
The rest of the world still groped in darkness,
When the Son decided to be of some help gracefully,
Skanda, the beloved son of Lord Shiva,
Took the silent wisdom of Dakshinamurthy Shiva,
And transformed it all into a comprehensible one,
Which could be understood by a Scholar and a layman alike,
From his mouth was born the language of Tamil,
And it's inexhaustible supply of ageless wisdom,
To that Muruga, who made silence, sound audible,
I bow down in gratitude...

~ Whenever I feel down or out, and know not what to do, a simple whisper of "Summa Iru" inside my head and heart, sets all things alright. Nothing more than this is required, to bring perspective back on track.

Thank My friend : Srinath Raghavan

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