Friday, August 7, 2015

Heart-Mind- Soul

When your heart and mind aligned:
• You speak the truth
• You live with clarity
• You act with clarity

When your mind and soul aligned
• You speak with wisdom
• You live with presence
• People listen
• You live with Wisdom

When your heart and soul aligned
• You live with passion
• You know your purpose
• You live with peace - you live in peace
• You choose peace
• Your life has meaning
• You have the passion

When your heart and mind and soul aligned
• You speak with Genius
• Align the fine patterns of your heart and soul and mind and live with genius, and speak with genius
• You have good grace
• You speak with grace
• You live with grace
• You are the sky, the earth, the sun the stars
• You ride the wind, you ride the sky you ride the waves

~ unknown
from The Occult University Library

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