Tuesday, July 1, 2014

ABISHEGAM on god/goddess idols in temples

This was taken from hand notes written and confined by Shri. Jambulingam, professional astrologer, alchemist, above 90 years old, is residing at Gummidipoondi, North Chennai.

The material in this blog comes from a variety of sources which has been collected over two decades. Every attempt has been made to acknowledge the source, wherever possible.

If the reader finds anything of personal value in this blogs, requested to thank my gurus. Any errors, omissions and carelessness are my responsibility.
Always People blindly worship god/goddess by offering abishegam to complete their prayers. To enhance the benefit and worship in this method. i here by written the methods of abishegam. Here in this part, blog deals about various substances used for abishegam at various periods for different gods.

Each substances used for this worship brings fortune for humans according to their position of planets transition. Now to understand the benefits and substances used for abishegam..
  • If pour gingelly oil to the statue of god/goddess, the person gets material benefits
  • After this I starts quoting only the substances used to dispense on statue as abishegam and benefits for the person, it is understood for regular readers
  • Cow milk will extend their life span
  • Cow buttermilk brings childbirth to who did not bless with kids.
  • Sugar destroy the enemies
  • Cows dunk ash brings lots of joy in material world with women and life of heaven (viboothi in tamil)
  • Pour of water or milk through Valampuri shell avoids the awful things (valampuri sangu in tamil)
  • Sandal and pannier brings the wealth
  • Water from pot (kalasa) brings the fortune what the person requires.
  • Mango fruit brings all good fortune
  • Gold brings all success and profits.
  • Milk,curd,ghee,cows dunk, cows urine with added as five means panjakaviyam removes the sin.
  • Panjamirtham (five fruits) karkandu, sugar,gee, banana,honey brings good wealth and money.
  • Coconut water brings good family life.
  • Sandal brings iswariyam (wealth)
  • Raw rice powder removes the debt
  • Turmeric powder brings the attraction and rajavasiyam(in tamil)
  • Sugarcane juice brings good health
  • Honey brings the happiest family life
  • Banana makes the good growth of plants especially paddy field.
  • With rice meals brings luxury life.
  • Lemon juice avoid the enemity
  • Turmeric and kumkum brings good family life
  • Perfumed powder avoids the debts.
Siddhas followed the ancient Guru Disciple master and student method and guru concealed their secrets only to those students whom they felt could be trusted not to misuse the enormous power of meditation.
After 8 years of our guru disciple relation, one of my great master shri. Sadhuragiri had given a remedy to my friend for childbirth.
Woman should make mala with green peas and offer to the statue of god Dekshinamoorthy for some period and also worship tulsi plant on Friday. Before start this, she should go to rameswaram temple, Madurai meenakshi temple and finally alagarrkoil at Madurai. This was taken from his very oldest notes followed by them hereditarily. Majorly blessings of guru are required everyperson finally.
I bring to an end here with the fact on Kundalini Yoga involves the awakening of the primordial life force, when it happens; the person starts to feel the experiences from cosmic consciousness and unbounded bliss.

Thank to : Thillairaj

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