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Our body has nine holes open and 10th hole is closed. If u open this hole is real vaasi yogam. The 10 th hole open near the inner tongue. See this video. Watch this paper moves according to the breathing in and breathing out. one stage the paper stops moving but the breathing is still happening but no air comes out of the nose and all air goes into the 10th hole. Through this 10th hole internal breathing occurs without coming out of air through the nose. For one deep exhale 6 litres of air will come out. If this 6 litres of air goes into the 10th hole where is the space to accomodate this air volume inside the head. Then where this 10th hole opens into. Nowadays many dirty classes are going on regarding vaasi yogam. These are all not true. Vaasi yogam is not for healing the body and to get any extraordinary power. This is only to know who really god and who really you are and who really this universe. So kindly dont follow rubbish exercise in the name of vaasi yoga. This cannot be taught it has to open by itself. Please dont practice to open it . This will create piles problem,brain bleeding and stomach upsets. The door closed the 10th hole is the mind. If the mind becomes zero the door will automatically opens and air will goes up and then internal breathing will start. For making the mind zero practice SUMMA IRU. 

Facebook video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1543024025955411

Uyir Dr.Dheena Dayalan Speech  

 Body ,  Mind ,  Atma [ Satsangam at sadhananda swamigal ashram link]  http://www.mediafire.com/?pq5bu5jeze8a4d6  ) duration 1 hr:26 mt

StayIdle [ சும்மா இரு ] Satsangam at sadhananda swamigal ashram link

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