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Siddhar hill Sedona - Arizona , USA

Place of power in Sedona

Said the greatest saint of modern times Swami Brahmananda Prabhakar ( about ... )

Sedona is a city located on both sides of the border between the counties of Coconino and Yavapai in the northern area of the Verde Valley of Arizona USA. 

Sedona is famous not only for the spectacular views of the American desert, but frequent abnormal phenomena. Many local people have experience of UFO sightings. Often unidentified flying objects are in the form of a glowing balls. There are eyewitness accounts to open portals to other dimensions (an inter-dimensional passage). Last connected with the opening of the Danneli in 1963, the so-called Sedona vortices. " In General, among the many anomalous places in the territory of the United States of Sedona is one of the most studied.

Still living here Indians believed the site to be a sacred place is the center of the universe. Special ceremonies were held here to establish a connection with the underworld. Today Indian beliefs shared by fans of the new age, in a large number of resident and visiting in Sedona.

1. Came signs from our Paramguru Siddha Yoga Swami Prabhakar Brahmanandy about the place of POWER in Sedona: one of the female students of the guru, Uttamika, performing the service in Omalure (Kerala State, India), the astrologer-Sree Jayachandra Raj, the question is where the place of power, which he said earlier through our Paramguru, and here's her response: "Om. Bila sei4as y astrologa. On opisal gde nyjno ashram ' stroit v Sidone. tam krasnaya zemlya 4to, 2 bol'shie skali, nyjno s'ehat ' k severu ot trassi, tam gde kitaiiskii otel ', a proehat tam nedolgo i ' is yasno gde... I skazal ehat ' tuda v mae ".
For those who don't know, astrologer Sree Raj was Jayachandra, when blessed by Swami Brahmananda, revealing to him the ability of clairvoyance. ...

"I was in this unusual man. Advice he gives 2 times a week to anyone who comes to him, and completely free. He is modest and is trying to talk only on the merits, it is evident that he just "something" down or it is connected to a channel, and then just voices. During consultation (questions and answers) vibrations near it are changing, the people around the mind stops and the bliss of subtle waves again and again bless. When you feel, there is no doubt "... ... ... ... 

Those who are interested and who will be in India, Kerala, write-Dame coordinates:)).).

2. it happened that some disciples of Guru mystically trapped in America and, of course, take this opportunity and having these data from an astrologer on hand, went to Phoenix, Arizona, and from there in Sedona.

"We went first to the mountains, to understand where this place or maybe even see some signs. Travelled around, watched, but got back on the main road of the city. 

And then passing saw the original statue. It was the elder-siddhis in one hand with the sphere, and the other with a staff, in an unusual moving Asana. Coming closer, we read, "Merlin", for us it was more than a "sign" of ... 
And then saw Chinese lanterns-this was a "sign" in Chinese hotel. We remembered that the hotel in Kerala is called the restaurant. Came to him, taking the Chair, it was also "sign"-Chair of Merlin-a Siddha. The restaurant was the road we went next "...

3. next, the road led to the same rocks, where we were before, but now we pulled up in the place where the leave the machine and sent to the walking track. It was 17.00 pm and 18.00 already closed their gates. We went quick step. And saw that go on the Red Earth. " Forward led the road between 2 rows of rocks. On the right, on the Hill, could be seen as if sitting Buddha or monk, and under it the sign of Shiva's Trident (and the next day was not so prominent, as expressed in the evening). And still going on has been seen as a plateau a little lighter than the other. You can tell, this is the place to be seen as consisting of a rocky breed, and it is as huge lumps. Approaching closer to white spot-it turned out that it simply was more level, hence the flashing off the bottom, and we saw the increase of water-"Shakti pithi".

It said an astrologer for the first time, that there is such a place: "there will be a place of šaktipitha".

So we found this place through the power of the blessing of the Holy Siddha!!!
4. and here we found this place through the power of the blessing of the Holy Siddha. 

We were like and decided the next day to make offerings to the found place of strength. 

Arriving in the morning, we "decorate" the tree is placed on it, and Brahmanandy Swami Murthy many little His Murthi, Murti Guru, and our lineages. Did perform theurgy, meditation 4 BSB, and have had a ritual of consecration. Those who shot at the camera, seen throughout the practice post light after disappeared.

During the puja was going a lot of tourists, local residents-Indians with the children. For us, it was a sign that the site is visited. When we came back to the tree, heard one boy, seeing that we poured the honey of the cliffs, shouted: "I love honey" and started licking honey from the cliffs.

As we found, a sacred place, began to think how you can do something here-the statue, Ashram or something, then decided to enter the real estate agency and find out, what is this place. It turns out, it is a National Park, but somewhere nearby there are 2 acres of land, which didn't even put up for sale. We were told that all the information on it is sent to us. Now we are waiting for. ...

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