Saturday, April 8, 2017

Dashboard-il Dheivam, Car-kul Kumbaabhishegam

Thank my bro Sashikumar

Note: If you are keeping any image(s) / statue(s) of Hindu deity in your car and will somehow say : "that's my car, and its my wish", I suggest you don't read any further. But if you care about the Hinduism and its sacred practices, enjoy the article and spread the word. This is a personal opinion, accept or reject at your own will. Thanks.

Many of our Hindu friends and family members are fond of keeping various images / statues of deities in their personal vehicles. Yeah, nothing really wrong about it, as many will say it gives them sense of security, confidence and feel closer to God. However, do we take care of the idols placed in vehicles as what we do in our prayer rooms or temples? Do we keep the place clean and free of any items/acts that can be deemed unholy? Think ...

What are the things we don't do / prohibited in prayer room / temples?

  • we don't wear shoes inside
  • we don't dress scantily
  • we don't go inside if we are dirty, or have not washed our feet / hands
  • ladies don't access if they are menstruating
  • we don't consume any food items, particularly non-vegetarian food
  • we don't drink any drinks, particularly alcoholic beverages
  • we don't keep any items like shoes, dirty clothes etc. inside
  • we don't speak loudly, chat away or make jokes
  • we don't play / listen to songs other than religious ones
  • we don't use vulgar / swear words
  • we don't smoke or allow anyone else to smoke
  • we don't use mobile phones

When we have Hindu deity images / statues in our vehicle, can we ensure all of the above is not done in our vehicles? Its impossible for us to assure that none of the above is violated by the owner / driver or the passengers.  Can we keep our vehicle as clean, holy or sacred as our prayer room or temple?

In addition to these, we also usually perform proper pooja and offerings for deity images / idols at home or temple. This cannot be properly done in vehicles. Some people go further by 'erecting' mini temples / shrines in their car, most are done with elaborate decorations and lighting, which can rival your local temple. We frown upon people who simply build shrines everywhere, not taking care of the sacred practices, but we close an eye when its done in private vehicles. Why?

As I've stated in the beginning of this article, some of the reader may say ... "its not your car!", but I want to say "its our religion, and I care about it". Whatever the responses are, I don't condone the act of keeping any religious images / idols at a place where its not suitable, without proper care. What say you?

In case someone asks : No, I don't have any such items in my car.

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