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Sabarimala ayyappan kovil daily Pooja details

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Sabarimala Sannidhanam Daily Pooja details 

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By the time of thirunada Opening The Melsanthi ring the bell for other devadas and pray the dwarabalakas and open and enter into shrine.Then Light the lamp and remove the previous day decorations or remove basmam which is decotated on th idol.Then do Basma,milk, honey, Panchamurdham ( fruits mixed), Tender cocanut,sandal paste,and Palin water abhishegam done to Lord.Then offer Thirumadhuram (fruits based) as neivedyam.

The Ganapathi homam done by thanthri. This happens around 4.30 AM.The neiabhishegam ( ghee abhishegam )done to Lord .The first ghee offering by TDB, followed by thanthri, Melsanthi of Sannidhanam,and Malligapuram melsanthi.Then the bhakthas ghee abhishegam starts. The maligapuram melsanthi will come and surrender the kannikai around this time.

Around 7.30 AM the Ghee abhishegam stops and Usha Pooja done to Lord .Followed by this in the morning the Ashtabhishegam (paid offerings)done. after that around 10 am they continue the ghee abhishegam. In between based on crowd the ghee abhishegam offerd by the common bhalthas will be done to Lord.The Ucha pooja will be around 11.30..on this varied poojas ,including Sahasranamam and Ashtothram will be done.White rice, and Payasam(Made of cocanut milk,Jaggery,,Samba raw rice,Plantain,dry ginger,and Ghee) were offered to Lord followed by15 deeparadhanas.If Sahasra kalasa abhishegam is there the pooja ritual done by thanthri and deeparadhana followed before closing for the afternoon.

Then they close the Sannidhanam(based on the crowd they may open till 1PM)The Sannidhanam opens around 3.30 PM for dharshan. 

The Sayaraksha Pooja starts around 6.30 pm.Appam and Aravana (Jaggery,rosted rice with ghee) offered as neivedya then followed by Sayaraksha deepradhana. Around 7 Pm the pushpa abhishegam (Paid seva) will be done to Lord.Around 11 Pm Athazha Pooja done.By that time White rice and later panagam is offered as neivedyam followed by 'Harivarasnam' The harivarasnam in Sanidhanam was recited as sloga. The assistant santhis all step down one by one and melsanthi close the sannidhanam doors and pray dwarabalagas.The neivedyam is prepared in the pantry near sannidhanam. The udayasthamana pooja, kalabha abishegam,bali,padi pooja etc ( paid seva) will be done.For these thanthri will fix time.after consulting Melsanthi and executive officer.

The opening and closing timings may vary based on crowd.
The above mentioned poojas in normal days.On festival days addl poojas done.

Sabarimala Nivedyam
Nirmalyam/abhishekam - thirumadhuram
Ushapooja - idichipizhinja payasam
Bali to devathasand 18steps- paal payasam or Vella Nivedyam (white Rice)
Ucha Pooja - Aravana
Deeparadhana - malar and or vella Nivedyam and fruits
Athazha Pooja - unniappom and panakam (an odd combo it will warm and more bitter)
Udhayasthamana Seva - vella Nivedyam(white rice)
Swami Saranam.

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New kodimaram after golden embossing also replaced sannidhanam doors with The artisan making .
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