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Tamil Siddhar Solved Great Mystery

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 These facts made us to ponder about Tamils and that led us to discover the wonderful philosophical past of the Tamils. We have found the answers for both the above statements.Kindly watch these videos (8 Parts) and spare your time for this adventure!

Thanking you, in advance,
Thamilar Ulaham.

Part-1 Siddhar Phenomenon & 

Color Concept

Tamil Siddhars are a unique phenomenon in the entire history of mankind. This video analyses the origins of Aaseevaham, the way of life of ancient Tamils. The color concept of Aaseevaham is the land mark in the Culture & heritage of Tamils.

The symbols of Aaseevaham are Elephant & Lotus. A fascinating descriptions on these shall be found in this video.

Part-2 Evolution of Vinayaka Worship

Vinayaka Worship remained a great Mystery, despite the ugly Hindu story. This video analyses the relation between Tamil Siddhars and the Tamil Merchant community. This video establishes how the Vinayaka Worship evolved and from where? This has been hitherto, popularly believed that Vinayaka came from Vathabi. We have broken that belief with concrete proof that it is a Tamils' contribution, from Tamil Nadu.

Part-3 Shiva

Saptha Rishi & Saptha Kanya were great philosophical concepts of Tamils which the Indo-Aryans looted & Distorted. You don't see Saptha Rishi Temples beyond Thirupathy region and the same is true for Saptha Kannies. But these Temples are seen in tens of thousands in Tamil Nadu.

Saptha Kanya worship was followed in Indus Civilization which was the Ancient Tamils' settlement through the sea route. Shiva is the First Theerthangarar of Tamil Samanam. All the Gods of "so called" Hinduism are actually the extraordinary Aaseevaha Siddhars or Symbolic Deities of Aaseevaham, i.e., Tamil Samanam.
A complete analysis on Shiva is available in the Video.

Part-4 Vishnu

For the first time, we have identified who the Vishnu was, among the Aaseevaha Saints. Having identified the origin of Vishnu, we have established his times also. 
From the fact that Navagraha shrines are not found anywhere beyond Tirupathy regions, it is established that the Ancient world's great Astronomers were Tamils. 
Every aspect of Vishnu is demystified and its actual meaning is unearthed, authentically.
It is an extra-ordinary video and a must watch for every one!

Part-5 Brahma

For the first time in the History we have established as to how the Indo-Aryans came to be called Brahmins! Why the Indo-Aryans are white? Why the Tamils are black? Who destroyed Aaseevaham & Why? Why the Dhasavatharam was created? Who is Sarasuvathi? How the name Sarasuvathi evolved? What are the colors of Siva, Vishnu & Brahma? What are the colors of Kali, Lakshmi & Sarasuvathi? 

Part-6 Murugan & Indiran

We have authentically identified the origins of Murugan worship. Murugan was a Siddhar who was specialized in many a fields including Martial Art. Star form of Sivalingam was drawn by Murugan. Murugan was the initiator of the Pranava manthiram "Ohm". The Star form, Pranava manthiram and the weapon Vel which Murugan developed have a connection. 

Murugan is related to Sumarians. We have established the times of Murugan and he should have initiated the second Tamil sangam. We are elaborating on Indiran as a God of the Seas, the neithal land. He should have developed the Aindiram philosophy.

Part-7 Conclusion & Inferences

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All the Gods are Tamils'
All the Stories are Aryans'
All the Gods of "so called" Hinduism are actually the Gods of Tamil Samanam.
All the philosophies of the world evolved from the Tamil Aaseevaha Philosophy only.
All the languages of the world evolved from Tamil language only.

Hence, Tamil language and Tamil philosophy could be binding string of the world. 
Language study, Philosophy study and the DNA study all point to the fact that the people of the world emanated from just one core and hence we are all ONE. 
This is the starting point for the unification of the world. If the world does not unite, it would not last for long! 
Tamil philosophy paves the way for "Global Socialism" and genuine "World Government". 
Thank you for watching all the videos of this set comprising eight videos, Part-0 through Part-7. 

Researched & Produced by,

Thamilar Unaham. 

Thank His YouTube : Tamil Chinthanaiyalar Peravai  

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