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Siddha Swami Brahmananda Prabhakar

Swami Brahmananda Prabhakar

Brahmananda Swami Sri Bhagavan Shiva Prabhakar Siddha Yoga Paramahamsa is greatest avadhut, apprentice Wizard-Sri Siddha tradition Pambatti. Brahmananda is formally a Sannyasin widespread School of Advaita Vedanta and shaiva-siddhanta-kaula. This is the ancient monistic School of yoga, Maharishi Nandinatha the Patriarch of Kashmir-teacher of Maharishi Patanjali and Vashistha Muni. 
Shiva Prabhakar became a master in the tradition of avadhutov lajâkšana with long secluded practice under the supervision of his teacher, Sri Pambatti. He has shown many miracles showing the greatness of this tradition. Swami said he is a native master, holder of a secret tradition of avadhutov lajâkšana over six hundred years. 

Brahmananda rarely socialized with people. He was foolish, radical, from the mundane otherworldly Wizard "crazy wisdom", indifferent to others about it, and, like all of sadhu or under no podstraivalsâ. He's not too fond of talking about herself, her life, believing that all is not useful for sadhana, and only distracts from the self-enquiry. Convince him otherwise was impossible. 

Swamiji is very well known in the Indian State of Kerala, which has a lot of admirers and witnesses to his miracles. He lived under different names, not aging, many times in many places in India: in both the North and the South. Being the master of secret technique parakajâ-pravešana, he vselâlsâ in the body of the people.

Tamil pilgrims show about the wonders of Siddha Swami Brahmanandy. Some have seen as he flew, others-as became invisible. He has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to like soaring in the air padmasane, bathing in the boiling water, contact with venomous snakes, the ability to animate inanimate objects, turn metal into gold, read the thoughts of others, to predict the future. He made many unexplained and mysterious wonders. The greatest miracle is its dissolution in the light in front of everyone present in the astrological day of your birth. This was published in the "Malaâla" and "Mathrubhumi Manorama". 

Swamiji MAHASAMADHI in 1986, implemented in Omallure (Kerala, India). The Siddha Brahmananda again came to his chosen disciples and gave them the secret knowledge, thus showing that he has surpassed the laws of space, time and death.

Some sources claim that Swami is an avatar of the great Saint Pulinaâka Svamiâra. According to other sources, the Swami is an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Some sources say that he is the incarnation of the son of the Sun God-Red Qarnah. But it was his incarnation, he is the embodiment of the absolute, the Dattatreji.

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