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Why must one subtract? Adding to one’s mind is nothing but stress and pain. However, when one subtracts one’s mind, one will become free from one’s baggage and be able to return to the Universe which is the origin. When one is reborn in the Universe, one will live for an eternity.
 Shown below, the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy blue, purple represents the layers of pictures of the human mind. And as the layers continue to disappear, the pure universe mind continues to come in. Put simply, as much as the human mind is subtracted, the universe mind comes in, and this is what enlightenment is.
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Meditation Levels
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Level 1: Throwing away remembered thoughts
Level 2: Throwing away images of myself, images of human relationships, and myself
Level 3: Throwing away my body
Level 4: Throwing away my body and the universe
Level 5: Throwing away my body and the universe
Level 6: Myself disappears and become the Universe
Level 7: Throwing away the hell world which is the picture world and myself living in the world
The Body Becomes Healthy
 Cleansing the accumulated mind is like cleansing the body. If we cleanse all the stains from our mind, then the natural flow of energy in our body is restored. Many people who do Maum Meditation feel the body becoming healthier in a very short time. The stained mind is the source of stress which can cause many diseases and illnesses.

Relationships Become Harmonious and Free of Conflicts
Conflicts in relationships are due to the differences in each individual’s life experiences. These experiences create each individual’s standards and expectations preventing us from seeing another’s viewpoint. Maum Meditation allows us to return to the original viewpoint, or the original nature. Conflicts and arguments no longer arise and life becomes harmonious.

 Cluttered Thoughts Disappear and Concentration Improves
The reason we have cluttered thoughts is because of continuous useless thoughts and worries triggered from our past experiences. This makes it difficult to concentrate. Thus, there will be improvement in job performance and studies when we empty our mind.

Life Becomes Full of Energy and Confidence
Our vitality weakens when we are burdened by stress.
This results in lethargy which makes our minds feel muddled and our bodies feel burdened. If that burdened mind is emptied, then vitality will be restored. You will be rid of worries and be able to resolve issues easily.

Bright Face and Good Image
When the mind is at peace and the body is healthy, you will smile often. Daily life becomes enjoyable. 
The dull complexion caused by exhaustion from stress will glow and the eyes will sparkle. You will regain your natural beauty.

 The Maturing Years: Happy and Healthy
When the mind is empty, you will have more energy. 
There is a direct connection between cleansing the mind and a healthy life in the maturing years. By enlightening to the true meaning of life, you can live happily without regrets about the past or anxiety about the future.

Self-Viewpoint Expands to the Infinite Universe
Emptying the mind is throwing away all of the fixed concepts, preconceptions, and inflexible behaviors. People live with these self-centered notions from birth until death. When the mind is emptied, creativity and wisdom for living becomes the greatest. You are able to see the world as it is from the viewpoint of the universe. There will no longer be the individual viewpoint but instead you will be the mind of the infinite universe.

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