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Where are we now on this journey ?

.A aspirant when starts his sadana or practise the body produces a divine heat and as he go deeper, the heat increases gradually.Many great things a Yogi or a aspirant can be done by the help of this divine heat, especially ,demolishing the Karmas and Curse ,chasing bad energies,enhancing proprieties and also it produces a tremendous divine waves at his presence

The energy flows out from , few parts of his body.Mainly from the eyes,lalada chakra,palms,heart and from his feet (the reason why in Hindu tradition we have the ritual of falling on our elders feet or Saints).A great saints presence will make a wise changes in someones life , just because of the divine heat or energy . Narendra has became Swamy Vivekananda by the divine touch of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa , Mother Meera{Arobindu} has become the heart full student of Swamy Arabindo just by a glance , a touch of Bagawan Shirdi baba has cured a leprosy patient and Jesus Christ has done unbelievable miracles by his presence and by his divine touch.

An Initiation {DEEKCHA} also a part of energy triggering for someone by the Divine heat of the great master . Poor thing lately the initiation or DEEKCHA has become so commercial and turn to be a worst scenario among our society . Falling on others feet also transmitting our bad energy or heat to the other person no matter what, he has to take the consequences and if the person is not in the position all the karmas will be entertain by him and his generations as well . It will work reversely as well , we will attract the bad heat of the person . Sadus , Siddhars and Saints has no any material attachment's and they have nothing to accept from the human indeed, therefor the heat will be channelled towards the divine and transformed as DIVINE MAGNETISM.

This Divine magnetism has the capacity to demolish the karma or negative energies.So far many must have the experience the touch or blessings by many so called siddhars or swamiji’s what has happened ? The same routine goes on without any changes past these years ? Life has not changed at all, many merely living in the hallucination stage, where we are thinking that we are in spiritual path and following all the saadanas but than internally we felt an emptiness !!!!! Leaving in a frustration ,anxiety , mood swing , stress and depression , remember all this will produce a negative heat biologically.We are craving for something internally but we don't know what we are craving for and therefor hoovering blindly every where like a ship with out the captain.

Women’s has a heat during their menses and though its a biological process it also creating a negative vibe’s in the atmosphere.During these period they are not suppose to go to the Hindu Temples . A little elaboration on Hindu science on the temple structure.

Building or constructing a Hindu temple is not based on the population surroundings, its ultimately construct on the base of the Geodetic force, Panchabhutha’s harmony and Vasthu structure {geometrical science},therefore the temple soon after the ritual of MAHAKUMBASHIGEM turns to be the storage of the cosmic energy.This cosmic radiation will convert into the divine heat when the energy enters into the tiny hole on the tip of the KUMBHAM and enters straight into the base of the idol. Many of us might have the experience, whereby the procession of KUMBHABISEGAM took place,we often placed our jewelleries, gold ornaments and gemstones in the hole where later the idol will placed and sealed by ASTHABHANDANAAM { a strong traditional paste made by herbs } surrounding the bottom of the statue to prevent from energy leakage.

The moment when the cosmic force from the Aka sh {space} enters as i said into the Kubham and connect with the yantra and all other stuffs immediately a divine heat or energy emits from the idol . If the temple has build near to a JEEVA SAMADHI or some great SIDDHAR has attained JEEVASAMADHI in the temple will enhance the origin force of the temple and amplifies unlimited. No doubt the science has played a major role here but an equivalent mystical force also dwell ed in this process . Many unseen forces called Devathas and Siva buthas or Vishnu bhutas also will make their presence around the premises and all those entities has tremendous energy force over the place.

This is the reason why women's are not suggesting to enter into the temple while they are going through the biological clean sings , but than the worst psychological toxin called thought waves are most dangerous than the biological dirt . My personal opinion and view is very simple , under the creation of the Almighty all are the same and gender makes no difference in front of the Divine Light.
Would like to share this to everyone. A great Buddhist monk Sifu Wong use to say that the higher stage of spiritual beings, when in contact with us they will only see us as a light form, matter of dimmer or brighter so gender is not a matter .

How can someone attain some higher level in one practice without doing a proper physical ,psychological and spiritual cleansing ? The Asthanga Yoga or Siva raja yoga is saying Iyama and Niyama which means physical and psychological purification , the same aspect in Bhakti Yoga is saying SARANAAGATHI total surrender which simply means, transport your self to the divine without any doubt .The moment when the proper purification takes place the biological heat will transform to spiritual heat which can connect an individual to the realm of Divine effortlessly.Until than all our prayers are very meaningless , of course all of us are keeping many divine pictures , yantras , statues but than why we are struggling for many things in our daily life aren't the divine is not helping or we are hopeless ? And in between the great maya called hallucination will start ruling us and unconsciously we got trapped into this and forgotten the ultimate destiny. The showering of the Divine heat is there before the mother Earth formed and till today it hasn't st oped the Showering , we are human with all sorts of biological heat which produces mentally and physically are keeping away from the Divine motion.

All our great Siddhars , Saints and Prophets has done tapas and fasting for many years by scarifies their food , comforts , family , desires ,countless sleepless night , shattering tears logging for the Divine love and many more to attain the stage but what we have done so far????

It is not an easy journey to travel on this path without the right guide , many of them are thinking that by paying certain amount {Dakchana} or by touching the bottom of the spinal or placing the finger in between the eyebrows or getting some mantras may access in to the realm of the Divine plane ,let me tell very daringly to all my beloved folks please refer back to Bhagawan Ramana,Ramakrishna paramahamsa,Yogananda Paramahamsa,Swamy Rama,Bhagawan Shirdi Baba , Amirthanandamayima ,Palani Moothai swamy ,Vadakkara Sivanandaparamahamsa , Swamy Citramutthu adigal and many more divine beings didn't Even ask a single penny from thier disciples for the true initiation ceremony and what they have given to their students are priceless .And please take note all their touches has made wonders and transformation among them.

The right master is always a servant to his student because his is not expecting anything from the student but than giving all his love and wisdom to him. A true and right master will never prepare someone as a student or sisyan he will prepare him as a another master to this universe..


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