Saturday, September 12, 2015

Real PEACE AND HAPPINESS is intrinsic and in the state of NO MIND

Mind always denies the PRESENT AND WANTS TO BE IN REALMS OF TIME TO BE ALIVE , fears of its annihilation on the rise of consciousness..

Compulsive thinking 
Free of thinking
Full of emotions                                                                                                 
Beyond mind and its components of  emotions
Drains of energy
conserves energy and keeps cool
Less creativity 
Source of greater creativity
Emotions spoil body
Increases  the immunity
Time bound - past & future  
crosses the realms of time
Brings senility and reduces Our life time 
defers ageing process and increases   life time
Leads to mortality  
immortal life as attached to SELF CONSCIOUSNESS
Finite power and capacity
Infinite power
Life is felt a burden
Life is a celebration
Life is full of chaos     
Peaceful life
We all think and believe that PEACE , HAPPINESS  is in the external objects like money, properties , power , but the truth is,  real PEACE AND HAPPINESS is intrinsic and in the state of NO MIND 

You will experience unusual calm, peace in this state – just try it out and see

BG Venkatesh [ 22/10/2010 ]

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