Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rajarishi Vishwamithrar temple at Vijayapathi

Rajarishi Vishwamithrar at Vijayapathi temple

The Only Place you can see Temple for Raja Guru Vishwamitrar .

Every Anusham nakshathra Abishegham, Aaradhanai, Annadhaanam at Vijayapathi. 

Yagham is conducted at the place where Vishwamithrar conducted Yagha.. say Mystic Selvam...

Vijayapathi is a Village in Radhapuram Taluk , Tirunelveli District , Tamil Nadu State . Vijayapathi is located 11.5 km distance from its Taluk Main Town Radhapuram . Vijayapathi is 60.4 km far from its District Main City Tirunelveli . It is 608 km far from its State Main City Chennai . 

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  1. any contact number for temple my pnone number is 9940027623