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Sri Bade Sahib Siddha - Pondicherry

Sri Bade Sahib Siddha 

 Samadhi Location: Chinna Babu Samudram ( near Pondicherry).

  The Siddha who cures diseases. The Great Healer Siddha.
 See clip below for a lot more info on this Siddha and the blessings one can get at his samadhi shrine.

 When Sathguru Venkataraman took us to Bada Sahib Siddha's samadhi in the 1980s, the tomb shrine was but a small hut. Now it is a nice building visited by lots of worshippers .

 Sathguru Venkataraman's revelations on Bade Sahib Siddha have been published in an elaborate articles in our monthly magazine including a full page color photo. There are more Siddha secrets regarding this Siddha that have not been published yet.

Special mantra for praying to Sri Bade Sahib Siddha given by Sathguru Venkataraman

 Om Sri Jagat Purushaaya Vidhmahey 
 Bhoomi Roga Nivarthyaaya Dheemahi 
 Thanno Vaidya Linga Prachodhayaath.

See clip below for more info on this mantra and other Siddha secrets.
Great Healer Siddha Sri Bade Sahib.

Watch clip below.

Special Times for Bade Sahib Siddha Worship given by Sathguru Venkataraman
Sathguru Venkataraman taught us about special medical curative shakti times such as  Aslesha (Aayilyam) nakshatra days (use ourfree calendar to find out these days),  Tuesdays,  Mars hora hours daily (Mars = Chevvaai = Mangal = Angaraka). Use ourfree Hora calculator to find these daily Mars hora hours.  There are more of these healing shakti times.  These are the special times for Bade Sahib Siddha worship, said Sathguru Venkataraman.

Siddha who cures incurable diseases.

See location map below. Sri Bade Sahib Siddha.

MAP: Siddha Ram Paradesi Swamigal and Bade Sahib Siddha
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  1. Offer my hearty thanks & prayers at the lotus feet of Sri Agathiar Guruji & Baba badesahib for guiding us to visit and offer our prayers at the holy place of Sivashri Badesahib Jeevasamadhi. Om agatheeshawaraya namaha

  2. Can any one tell us about the temple timinhs please?