Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sree nateraja Yaagavr symbol

The great perfected saint Sree nateraja Yaagavr has given a thoughr provoking logo for yaagava guru foundation a known non –Profit spiritual organization which know ordinary human mind a capable of conceveing.
See the Symbol infra
1. The trident you see represents the unification of sun, Moon and Fire (Eda, Pingala & sukshmana, subtle energy tubes) leading to divine effulgence which is placed on the top of the trident.

2. The trident is inderted in the letter OM which is the first manifested vibration of the divinity and from which all other manifestations has come into existence.

3. The Rudraksha beed represents a drops of tears of ecstasy of Lord Shiva in state of absolute Peace & Bliss.

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